As we’ve seen in the past two posts, Adderall abuse is on the rise in colleges around the country, and Adderall addiction can be a dangerous ailment with potentially fatal consequences. This spread in Adderall abuse has not bypassed Florida. In fact, Adderall in Florida has been a hot topic due to both the amount of use and the alleged shortage that has caused knock-off stimulants to appear in recent months.

Adderall at Florida Schools

Adderall at Florida schools is a well-documented topic.

In this article, a student opens up about their struggles with roommates who use the substance and her decision about whether or not to use the drug.

This Huffington Post article looks at a recent controversy at Miami, where the student newspaper ran articles that some say defended or even encouraged the use of Adderall to make it through tough periods at school.

The Miami paper also published this look at the pros and cons of using “study drugs”.

Worries about an Adderall shortage lead to students at one Florida university investigating “alternatives” to the drug, which are potentially even more dangerous than the real thing – as we’ve seen with synthetic versions of marijuana.

Finding Help

If you suspect that a student is using Adderall, you can get them help. Refer to them to our post on Adderall addiction and consequences so they can see what kind of damage they are potentially causing to their body. Talk to them about the dangers of using prescription drugs that haven’t been prescribed to them. And if you need help, contact a counselor and we’ll help you figure out the way to approach them. Don’t wait until it is too late.