When you complete treatment and begin walking toward a life-long recovery from drugs or alcohol, the holidays may mean more than just enjoying your time with friends and family. Holiday parties may serve alcohol and the stressful gathering might make it tempting to abuse drugs. Fortunately, it is possible to avoid relapse during the holidays with the right combination of tools and solutions.

Exercise Each Day

Exercise is a powerful tool when you are trying to avoid a relapse because it helps calm your mind and causes your body to relax. Stretch out your muscles every morning and then enjoy a workout that focuses on your health goals and your current physical health condition.

The benefits of exercise include:

  • Sweating and removing toxins from your system
  • Reducing your level of stress
  • Improving your mood
  • Clearing your mind

Even if you cannot engage in a strict workout routine due to visiting family members, taking the time to walk around the neighborhood can help reduce the stress of the holiday events.


Meditation is a tool for the mind. It helps you clear away the stress and relaxes the body. Even if you use meditation to focus and concentrate on a specific thought or series of thoughts, that concentration can push temptations out of your mind so that you can enjoy the holiday events.

Take a slow, deep breath and focus on just breathing when you start. Regardless of the form of meditation that you prefer, deep breathing can act as an immediate focus. If you feel tempted to use drugs or alcohol, then close your eyes and take a slow breath. It will help you refocus on your goals and recovery.

Eat Healthy Meals

During the holidays, the opportunity to eat as much as you want is a great way to help fight against a relapse, but only if you eat healthy and well-balanced meals. Do not eat cookies and pies for breakfast. Focus on healthy foods and keep the desserts for the end.

Substance abuse can impact your physical health and it may result in nutrient deficiencies. By eating well-balanced meals, you are helping the process of healing your body. By focusing on the foods that you love, it is easier to avoid the substances that wreak havoc on your body.

The holidays are a stressful time when you may be too busy to follow your normal routine. Even though the break from routine may result in temptations, it is still possible to reduce your risk of a relapse. If you want to learn more about relapse prevention strategies, then contact us for more information.