improve their spiritual connections or reconnect with their personal belief systems. A Christian based rehab program can be helpful because it does not only provide treatment for the scientific aspects of recovery. According to the National Institutes on Health, the goal of spirituality in addiction treatment is to transcend beyond the physical aspects substance abuse. By reaching out for help from God, it is possible to improve the results of a treatment program.

What is Christian Rehab?

Before you can fully understand how the treatment and program can help with recovery, it is important to recognize how it differs from other treatment options. A Christian rehab program is founded on Biblical principles and beliefs. During the treatment program, each individual is provided spiritual guidance as part of the program. You or your loved one is encouraged to seek a spiritual relationship with God and build up on that relationship.

Spirituality helps heal

The National Institutes of Health explain that individuals who have strong spiritual beliefs are often stronger emotionally and physically. As a result of the emotional and physical health, it is easier to recover from addiction and start walking toward a healthier lifestyle. Spirituality and religious beliefs are part of the healing process because there are a variety of factors that can impact addiction. Ultimately, a Christian rehab program differs from other options because of the firm belief in spirituality and God. The goal of treatment is not limited to the physical and emotional aspects of addiction, which can help some individuals with their recovery.

Basic Treatments

There are a variety of treatment options that are available, even if a facility follows Christian values and beliefs. Regardless of the program, the basic treatments that are available have certain similarities. During treatment, you or your loved one can expect to have a personalized treatment plan based on the individual situation. Christian Based Rehab Blog Feature Since the causes of addiction can be complicated, a treatment plan is developed for each individual. According to the Mayo Clinic, environmental factors and genetics can both play a significant role in the development of an addiction. Due to the complications and the individual situations that can arise, the treatment program will focus on each person as an individual and work on a plan that is appropriate for the specific situation.

Dealing with Environmental Factors

Addiction is a complicated disease, explains the National Institute on Drug Abuse. An individual may start taking substances for a variety of reasons, but the impact on the brain and body persists after the initial challenges are already in the past. The National Institute on Drug Abuse says that an individual’s ability to refuse or avoid the substance becomes compromised with each time the substance is used. Over time, addiction develops and the individual can find it challenging to take the first steps toward recovery.

Inherited Traits A Factor

Dealing with the environmental factors that contribute to addiction can be challenging because there are several situations that can make a substance tempting. The Mayo Clinic states that inherited traits can increase the risk of developing an addiction; however, many individuals face situations in their lives that make a substance tempting. After the substance is abused, a chemical dependency can develop. Dealing with the environmental challenges of addiction can be complicated. For example, an individual may not remember a traumatic experience clearly or may not recognize the underlying causes of the addiction. As a result, the individual may relapse on the substance if the causes are not identified and treated properly. Christian Rehab Feature Image Dealing with Enviromental Factors

Tools To Help You succeed

A Christian rehab program can provide a variety of tools and solutions to help with the environmental factors that contribute to an addiction. The treatment plan may include:
  • Educational programs
  • Appropriate treatments for physical health
  • Reading Bible verses that are appropriate for the specific problem
  • Learning techniques to reduce stress or negative emotions
  • Focusing on physical health and regaining physical strength
  • Teaching Christian values
  • Clearing up misunderstandings, particularly when it relates to the Bible
  • Counseling that is appropriate for the situation
  • Family therapy if it is appropriate
Ultimately, a treatment program is developed for the individual. The environmental factors can help determine an appropriate plan and the verses that are most appropriate for the situation, but each treatment program can be developed for the individual’s needs.

Handling Genetic Factors

Although a Christian rehab program does follow Christian beliefs, it does not mean that science and modern medicine are ignored. The treatment program will admit that there are factors that extend beyond the basic environmental factors, so there are appropriate clinical treatments that help with the genetic factors. A genetic factor can take many forms, but the common factors that may develop include:
  • Any mental health disorder, such as depression or anxiety
  • Predispositions to substance abuse
  • Any genetic disorders that may reduce protective genes
Most individuals will have some protective genes that limit the risk of substance abuse; however, the Mayo Clinic states that genetic traits can impact the risk of developing an addiction. The National Alliance on Mental Health explains that roughly 1/3 of individuals who have a mental health disorder and 1/2 of individuals with a severe mental health disorder will develop an addiction. The reason is related to genetic factors.

Reducing Temptation

When an individual has a mental health disorder, the genes that help protect against addiction will reduce. Christian Rehab Genetics Furthermore, the temptation to use a substance to eliminate or reduce the discomforts associated with the mental health disorder may increase. Ultimately, it can contribute to the development of an addiction. A Christian rehab program does not deny the genetic factors; instead, it focuses on trying to provide appropriate treatments without giving up the spiritual aspects. Even though the condition may be related to physical and emotional factors, the words in the Bible can encourage individuals to succeed.

The 12-Step Program

Christian rehab programs are not all based on 12-step designs; however, a 12-step program is a type of faith-based treatment option. According to the Harvard Gazette, there are two main reasons that a 12-step program works: it encourages self-confidence to avoid substance abuse in a social setting and it focuses on providing support or encouragement. In general, a 12-step program will ask that the individual who is trying to recover surrender to a higher power. By giving up personal control and asking for help from God, some individuals are able to reduce the temptation to abuse a substance. Christian Based Rehab Blog Feature According to Scientific American, a 12-step program has similar or better results when compared to other treatment options when it relates to a three-month treatment plan. Since the program often focuses on long-term treatment and encouragement, it can be beneficial for individuals who have gone through short-term programs and relapsed on the substance in the past. Scientific American explains that 12-step programs were initially designed in 1935 by Bill Wilson and Bob Smith. Since Bill Wilson had attributed his success at recovering from alcohol addiction to the Christian Movement, he used the principles he had learned as a Christian to develop the program. The downside of a 12-step program is that it does not necessarily appeal to everyone. Spirituality and spiritual beliefs do not always follow the steps that are outlined in the treatment program, so some individuals may feel uncomfortable with the way that they are expected to follow the steps.

Other Christian Treatments

There are Christian treatment programs that do not follow the 12-step pattern, but do follow Christian beliefs. According to, Christian beliefs and spirituality can be used in treatment as a path to transforming the individual. The Christian Broadcasting Network explains that recovery from addiction can take an extreme approach to changing your life. It may mean that you or a loved one will need to make major lifestyle changes and may need to alter the focus of life so that it is possible to start working toward realistic recovery goals. The Bible offers advice and suggestions in relation to addiction. According to Open Bible, God does not tempt men or women beyond their personal abilities. By focusing on treatments that encourage individuals to realize that they can recover and that God is offering support, it is easier to develop a plan that will work for the individual.

Focusing On The Individual

Biblical teachings that are available in a treatment program can vary based on the needs of each individual; however, the words in the Bible can apply to many different situations and individuals. When a treatment program focuses on the needs of an individual, the Bible verses and the spiritual guidance that is provided can vary. Christian Based Rehab Blog Feature During a Christian treatment program, individuals can be encouraged with the words of the Bible and the facts that guide them toward a healthier outlook on their spiritual goals. By encouraging individuals and finding the factors that can help them improve their outlook and their relationship with God, it is possible to improve their ability to recover from addiction.

Beliefs Associated with Rehab

Christian values do not assume that rehabilitation is an inappropriate solution. In fact, the Christian Broadcasting Network explains that many individuals are successful after entering a treatment program because of the safe environment and the support that is available. In the case of Christian values and beliefs, rehabilitation actually has a positive association. The Christian Broadcasting Network points out that the education that is provided during a treatment program and the support that is offered to every individual makes it a positive part of recovery. When a program follows Christian values, the focus of treatment often turns to loving support and guidance from appropriate counselors and professionals. Furthermore, Christian leaders provide assistance for individuals who are trying to rebuild their relationship with God or reconnect to their belief systems.

Supportive Environment

The word of God does not suggest that it is appropriate to give up; rather, God wants every individual to keep trying and focus on their recovery goals. That is exactly what a Christian rehab program offers. The supportive environment gives the tools that are required to keep moving forward. Along with the assistance from a variety of sources, the program also provides the information and tools to focus on personal goals so that it is possible to reach for success. According to the Christian Broadcasting Network, programs that offer long-term aftercare and follow-up solutions are particularly helpful during recovery. That is why a 12-step program can help individuals who are trying to recover. It provides long-term support. Christian programs do more than just offer the information that individual’s need to start working toward their goals. The programs offer long-term support and after-care solutions so that it is possible to avoid relapsing in the future and to keep moving forward for a healthy lifestyle.

The Healing Words of God

Feature Image Faith Healing is a process that takes time and effort, especially when it relates to addiction. Since addiction can be impacted by physical, emotional and spiritual factors, it is important to heal from every angle. The Bible says in Ephesians 2:8 that you are saved by your faith. God does not give up on any individual, regardless of the number of times that he or she has faltered. Maintaining faith that God will heal every aspect of addiction can result in a healing effect. Faith-based rehab does not assume that God will automatically heal every problem; instead, it focuses on the reality that God offers healing to those who are ready to accept it. Building up a strong relationship with God and setting a foundation for a healthier lifestyle is the purpose of a Christian rehab program.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Along with the spiritual teachings and the prayers for healing, the treatment program provides nutritious meals, fitness training and medical treatments that may be necessary after abusing a substance. Healing does not only refer to the physical aspects of addiction, and that is where the Bible and God’s words can play a significant role in recovery. Faith in God can heal more than the physical problems that have developed. God can provide peace of mind that the future will be healthy and happy. Furthermore, emotional concerns and trauma can be healed with the help of God’s word and spiritual guidance. Recovery must focus on more than the physical dependence and cravings that have developed. Individuals must recognize that addiction is a problem that is caused by several factors. It is not enough to simply heal the body and assume that the rest will fall into place without any effort.

Strength From God

God has given every individual the ability to love and the feel hope. Furthermore, God gives faith so that every individual can feel confident that it is possible to move forward after facing challenges. The words of God can give the strength and the encouragement to keep moving forward and to keep trying, even when it seems impossible or that the path has gotten too hard. The Christian Broadcasting Network states that it is important to admit that a sin has occurred, but to also realize that every sin has already been forgiven. God has already forgiven the sins that have occurred and He gives His love freely to every individual. Healing starts after realizing that God is always there and is providing loving support through every step of the recovery process. Christian Based Rehab Blog Feature 5

Christian Based Rehab

A Christian rehab program is more than just a facility that offers treatments for the physical damages that have occurred after abusing a drug or alcohol. It is a facility that offers love, support and help through the first steps of recovery. The program focuses on the spiritual aspects of healing so that every area of life can heal. It is a holistic way to focus on recovery so that it is possible to take the next step forward. It is possible to recover from addiction. God gives His support and love through the words in the Bible. Along with the encouragement that is available through the Bible, a Christian rehab program offers additional support, encouragement and assistance throughout the difficult steps of recovery. Breaking the habit of addiction and then moving forward with the help of God can make it easier to focus on long-term recovery goals and plans for the future. Sources: A focus-group study on spirituality and substance-abuse treatment Dual Diagnosis: Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Understanding Drug Abuse and Addiction: What Science Says Diseases and Conditions: Drug addiction Does Alcoholics Anonymous Work? What makes AA work? The Role of Spirituality in Addiction Overcoming Drug Addiction 81 Bible Verses about Addiction Overcoming Addictions – Help for Christians Christian Based Rehab Download Graphic]]>