During your search for a rehab program that is appropriate for your needs or the needs of a loved one, you may come across programs that are private and others that are public.

Before you can determine if a private rehab program is appropriate for your recovery goals or the goals of a loved one, you must understand how public and private rehab programs differ.

The Cost

A key factor that may impact your decision about any rehab program is the cost of treatment. Although the exact price of any program will depend on the treatment options, the facility and the length of time that you or your loved one will spend in the program, most private rehab programs are more expensive.

The reason is related to the way that you or your loved one may be charged for treatment. In a public treatment facility, you may have a few payment options available. A public program may also offer solutions to help reduce the price, which include:

  • A sliding scale based on income level
  • Payment plans to pay for treatment in installments
  • Reduced prices for lower income levels
  • Free treatment solutions
  • Acceptance of health insurance

Since a public rehab may offer a sliding scale or even free treatment services, the average cost for treatment is lower than the cost of a private treatment program.

In a private treatment, you may be able to pay in installments or use your health insurance if your insurer will pay for treatment, but the cost of treatment will usually be higher when compared to a public option.

The Activities

Since a private rehab facility will usually charge more for services, many offer additional activities that may help reduce stress or improve mood throughout the program. You may have the option to incorporate sports activities, fitness programs and specialized treatment options that may not be available in a public program.

Depending on the rehab program, the specific activities that may be available can vary. In a luxury treatment program the activities that may be available include:

  • Golf therapy
  • Riding a horse
  • Withdrawal process and treatments
  • Swimming
  • A variety of sports

The exact activities that are available to help you or your loved one reduce stress, improve mood or focus on a specific task may vary between programs.

In a public program, you or your loved one will still have activities available, but the options may be slightly less impressive or less costly. For example, you may have music therapy, meditation or fitness programs, but you might not have horse riding or golf as an activity.

The Treatment Options

In most cases, a rehab program will work out a personalized treatment plan based on the factors that are contributing to substance abuse. In a private rehab program, you may have a few more options when compared to a public facility.

Most often, the primary treatment options, such as counseling and cognitive behavioral treatments, are the same. The key difference is that you may have more options available in a private program.

Public and private rehab facilities have many similarities when it comes to the foundation of treatment. It is the luxury elements and the type of activities that make the programs different. In general, a private rehab program will have more options available when compared to a public program. Private programs will also cost more on average than a public program.