While it may seem risky for anyone, especially celebrities, to put their addictions on full display and work toward their recovery in front of millions, still many celebrities have appeared on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s reality programs that feature that very thing.

About Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew PinskyWith credentials and titles that include addiction medicine specialist and board-certified internist, Dr. Drew Pinsky — more commonly and simply called Dr. Drew — is more than a celebrity himself, regardless of the amount of Hollywood attention he has garnered over the years. Dr. Drew has become a household name by attending to the relationship and emotional concerns of callers on a telephone program called “Loveline” and by producing a series of television programs that revolve around the premise of helping celebrities find relief and recovery from their addiction issues.

Celebrity Drug Rehab

Most notably, though, “Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab” television program, which filmed and aired its sixth season in 2012 that featured non-celebrities for the first time, sheds an open and frank look at celebrities who have succumbed to their addictions and have sought help through this program. While in some ways, it is another reality program that gives viewers a peek into the less glamorous aspects of living a privileged life of the rich and famous.

Some of the most notorious celebrity cast members over the first five seasons of the program include Gary Busey, Jeff Conaway, Daniel Baldwin, Brigitte Nielsen, Dennis Rodman and Mackenzie Philips among others over the years. Some of the celebrities featured on the program achieved varying degrees of success while others have experienced setbacks and there have even been some tragedies. Jeff Conaway, who appeared in seasons one and two, subsequently passed away due to complications arising from his addictions.

A Goal to Help Others

Though “Celebrity Rehab” is a television venture with ratings and money at stake, along with elevated drama, Dr. Drew’s goal is to help celebrities overcome their addictions and perhaps reach members of the audience who may see a path to a solution to their own drug addiction, or for a loved one, by exploring the option of reaching out to a drug rehab facility. Dr. Drew is also a producer on “Celebrity Sober House,” which features celebrities who have reached a strong level of sobriety and are ready to start transitioning from a drug rehab facility and into everyday life but may need extra help to make the process a long term success.