Drug Rehab FAQ

Are you or someone you love in need of help to fight drug addiction? If so, you may have questions about the facts surrounding addiction.

Who Needs Help?

And who Gets it?

An estimated 21.6 million people need treatment for drugs and alcohol

9 out of 10 drug users cannot overcome their addictions without drug counseling and rehab

1.8 million individuals entered treatment programs for substance abuse in 2008

What They’re Fighting

Substance abuse treatment admissions by substance:

  • 17% marijuana
  • 20% Heroin and Other Opiates
  • 41.4% Alcohol

Average age at first use of substance among those 12-29 (2011)

  • Inhalants” 16.4
  • Marijuana- 17.5
  • Ecstasy- 19.6
  • Cocaine- 20.1
  • Painkillers- 21.8
  • Heroin- 22.2
  • Stimulants- 22.2
  • Tranquilizers- 24.6

What is Rehab Like?

While all programs are difference, these are some of the common aspects, such as length.

The average length of a program in 28- 35 days.

Some residential programs last 60-90 days.

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