Substance abuse is an issue that impacts many lives, including the lives of professional athletes and celebrities. Dustin Johnson, a golfer on the PGA Tour, decided to take a leave of absence from the PGA Tour to seek treatment for substance abuse.

The Decision

A recent drug test on Dustin Johnson revealed that he had used cocaine. This was Johnson’s third failed drug test since 2009. After the positive test, the golfer announced that he would be taking a leave of absence, says CBS Sports. Although there was some confusion in relation to the situation, CBS Sports states that the leave of absence was a voluntary action by the golfer.

During the announcement, Dustin Johnson stated that he wanted to seek treatment and obtain professional assistance to recover from substance abuse and improve his health, explains CBS Sports. His decision to seek treatment and take a leave of absence from the PGA Tour for six months suggests that he is ready to start working on the problem and is taking time to focus on his health.

Benefits of Professional Addiction Treatment

By deciding to seek professional treatment, Dustin Johnson is taking a step toward a healthier future. When he made the announcement that he was taking a leave of absence, CBS Sports reports that the golfer felt that treatment would have positive benefits on his ability to play the sport and become a champion in the future.
Along with the benefits for his career and future goals as a golfer, there are advantages associated with professional treatment. The benefits include:

  • A safe environment for treatment
  • Learning about the risks associated with substance abuse
  • Gaining the skills to recover and manage cravings for the substance
  • Maintaining a high level of structure and discipline
  • Improving physical health
  • Improving emotional health
  • Discovering underlying causes of addiction so that treatment can be focused on personal needs
  • Working with professionals to recover for a lifetime

By going into a treatment program, there are benefits that will help Dustin Johnson focus on his goals for the future. Psych Central suggests that the advantages of treatment can help individuals who need professional guidance to start working toward recovery.

Reaching for the Future

Abusing a substance does not mean that it is necessary to continue engaging in risky behaviors. By seeking professional treatment for addiction and substance abuse, it is possible to make changes that will provide the foundation for a healthier and brighter future.

Dustin Johnson has decided to take time off from his career as an athlete to obtain the treatment and assistance that he needs to recover. Since he wants to focus on becoming a champion golfer in the future and hopes to gain more consistent results, he has determined that treatment and professional help is the appropriate solutions.

Setting goals for the future and then gaining the tools and information to start working toward those goals is the focus of treatment. It is important to make the decision to seek professional help so that it is possible to start working toward recovery and a happy future.

Substance abuse may cause a variety of challenges when it relates to personal relationships, career goals and even normal activities; however, it is possible to recover from addiction and set new goals. Gaining assistance through professional programs and treatment solutions can provide the foundation to reach for the future.