Eric Dane was born in 1972 and started his acting career in television, first appearing in an unaccredited role on a 1991 episode of the television comedy series Saved by the Bell. He continued to work in film and television for the next 15 years, appearing mostly in single episodes. Dane also had recurring roles on the television series Gideon’s Crossing and Charmed.

His first major break came in 2006 when he was cast as Dr. Mark Sloan during season 2 of the ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. This role was initially a minor one, but it became a main character in season 3. Dane continued to play Dr. Sloan in the series through season 8, and he also appeared in the first two episodes of season 9 in 2012.

Dane had starring roles in feature films while Grey’s Anatomy was on hiatus, beginning with Sebastian Tunney in the 2008 comedy-drama Marley and Me. He also played Marcus Gerber in the 2010 musical Burlesque and Sean Jackson in the 2010 romantic comedy Valentine’s Day. Dane left Grey’s Anatomy in 2012 to pursue a full-time film career.

Drug Rehab

Dane suffered a back injury from playing sports in 2010, while Grey’s Anatomy was on hiatus. He was prescribed medication for the pain and began to become dependent on it, according to his publicist. Dane voluntarily checked himself into the Los Angeles Hills Treatment Center in June 2011. This facility is a sober living recovery residence that caters to celebrities.

Dane successfully completed the 30-day treatment program and began filming season 8 of Grey’s Anatomy. He has stated that he wanted to get treatment before his dependency could develop into a full-blown addiction. Dane reports that he has not relapsed since he completed treatment as of 2012.

Personal Life

Dane married film and television actress Rebecca Gayheart in 2004. The couple had their first daughter in 2010, and Gayheart was three months pregnant with their second child when Dane entered rehab. Many insiders believe that the pregnancy was the primary motivating factor for Dane to seek treatment.

Getting Help

Seeking treatment is not easy, but for Dane he did have the support of his family and friends. He was able to catch his addiction early and get well before he spiraled out of control like many other celebrities have. If you or a loved one believes they have a prescription drug or alcohol addiction, get help before it is too late. Like Dane, it is possible to recover and live a normal and rewarding life with your family and loved ones.

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