Drug Rehab Success

Blu By the Sea, one of the world’s most successful drug rehab, is celebrating its 400th graduate. Blu By the Sea, a Florida drug rehab, first started with humble beginnings. The residential drug rehabilitation facility, however, quickly became known for its world-class addiction treatment program. Licensed by the State of Florida’s Department of Children and Families, Blu By the Sea currently enjoys the department’s highest drug rehab ranking of “exceptional.”

Get the Advantage You Need

Graduates of the Blu By the Sea drug treatment program come from all walks of life. The drug treatment program helps those who suffer with various drug addictions. Blu By the Sea graduates receive various treatments depending on their drug or drugs of choice.

Blu By the Sea helps those in need of:

  • alcohol addiction treatment
  • cocaine addiction treatment
  • opiate addiction treatment
  • prescription drug addiction treatment
  • heroin addiction treatment
  • meth addiction treatment
  • benzodiazepine addiction treatment
  • And more…

We Understand Addiction Treatment

Debbie Ross, Blu By the Sea’s executive director, claims, “We are so proud to announce our 400th graduate. There is something fulfilling about helping to save lives and being a part of something bigger than you. Our graduates have a better chance to live normal, successful, drug and alcohol-free lives than those who have graduated from any drug rehab program or alcohol rehab program in the nation.

Count On Our Success

Our success is profound but we have yet to make a dent in the nation’s drug problem. The drug addiction and alcohol addiction problem in the United States is monumental and growing. If you or a loved one needs help with treatment we can help today. Contact us at the number listed on this page, or simply fill out the quick and easy form and we will contact you promptly.