annual cost of addiction

Other Payment Options

While insurance may pay for some or even most of the treatment costs, individuals who are not insured or who do not have coverage for addiction treatment may find that the price of treatment seems hard to manage. Fortunately, public and standard treatment programs do have alternative payment options available to help men and women who have a limited budget.

Sliding Scales

A sliding scale may be available in some treatment programs to help men and women who have a limited budget. When a sliding scale is available, the individual will pay according to his or her ability to manage the cost of the treatment program.

The price of treatment is determined by current income level. In some cases, free or low-cost treatment services are available as a result of sliding scale payment options.
In most cases, a sliding scale is available through public programs. Since a public program is funded by the state, federal or local government to help reduce drug-related crimes, it offers more payment flexibility than standard or luxury programs. Some standard programs may also offer a sliding scale, but the availability of the payment option will vary.

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Setting up a Payment Plan

If a treatment facility does not offer a sliding scale, then it may have other alternatives to help pay for the services. A payment plan is a common method of helping individuals stay within a strict budget and still obtain appropriate treatment for addiction recovery.

A payment plan is designed around the ability to make monthly payments for treatment. It is usually arranged based on the current income level, so the exact monthly expense will vary between individuals.

Unlike a sliding scale, which adjusts the total cost of the treatment to an affordable rate, a payment plan requires individuals to pay for the full cost of treatment. The key aspect that makes it appropriate for a set budget is that it charges an affordable monthly fee and allows individuals to pay for services over a set amount of time, such as one or two years. Instead of paying the entire amount up-front, the payment plan allows individuals to pay a much smaller amount each month until it is paid in full.