Fighting Addiction One Case at a Time

Chris Ross’s story is that of a struggling drug addict that was determined to get treatment for his problems. With his families assistance, Chris tried to beat drug addiction through numerous treatment facilities and modalities. Chris was just not the typical 12 step or standard rehab case; he struggled to gain control until he found the right treatment option that was tailored to his needs. A customized and tailored plan for his needs that had no “cookie cutter” feel to it.

Dedication to Sobriety

Eventually though, Chris regained his life through dedication to sobriety. After his recovery his goal was to help others that have addictions and experiences similar to his. Upon completion of his addiction treatment, and after his return home, Chris and his father sat down and wanted to figure out how they could best use his experiences to help other struggling drug addicts find the right treatment for their individual needs.

The answer was quickly realized that they needed to open up a treatment facility of their own. This facility would be a combination of all of the best luxuries and amenities that Chris received from any of the treatments that he had tried, leaving by the wayside treatments and modalities that were ineffective.

The Blu By the Sea Facility

Blu By the Sea is a 12,000 square foot home on the beach in Destin Florida. The Ross family converted this luxury mansion into a top-notch 14 bed drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility. This is not your average facility though. Being as that this was once a luxury mansion the automatic feeling of comfort and privacy is evident as soon as guests step foot on the grounds. The cushy living atmosphere and privacy is extended to each patient of Blu By the Sea by offering them an exclusive private room.

Rare Amenities offer Comfort

This is a rarity in the industry, due to the fact that bunk beds and common living areas are generally standard practice for housing of individuals in any in particular program or facility. With each room comes a beautiful flat screen television, fine linens and a clean private bathroom. Additional amenities and luxuries that are standard include an on staff Chef for custom delicious home cooked meal plans, and a certified private nutritionist for meal plan approval. Each guest is entitled to the use of Blu By the Sea’s large private heated pool, over sized hot tub with jet therapy and top of the line sauna’s.

Attention to Diet and Exercise

Blu By the Sea offers a complete gym, with top of the line cardio equipment and weight training programs. Included in the program is Yoga instruction and meditation classes, alongside a vitamin and supplement enriched treatment program designed to purify the patient’s body of foreign toxins. These are just a few of the onsite privileges offered at Blu By the Sea by the Ross family.

Quite simply put, the biggest advantage given to the residents at Blu By the Sea is the staff. With a combination of trained professionals and firsthand real life experience’s; that the Ross family can offer their own trials and tribulations with drug addiction as an example to all. It is truly one of a kind, and creates a level of understanding that most facilities could not fathom.

Their Goal is the Patients Success

The main goal of Blu By the Sea’s staff is to provide all their guests with the most comfortable and successful rehabilitation experience possible. From the withdrawal process, all the way through aftercare treatment, the user will succeed in sobriety only if each step is addressed properly.

Blu By the Sea CEO Chris Ross says:

“We don’t believe that an addict is an addict forever. We treat the body physically, mentally and most importantly the underlying issues of each addiction that makes the patient use and abuse drugs and alcohol.”

With a staff to student ratio that boasts 1.5 :1 the students in Blu By the Sea programs get individualized attention, along with the needed group therapies that are a must in any drug rehab program. With all behavior therapy monitoring being done by licensed and certified professionals, families can rest assured that the treatments being given are second to none.

Life Improvement Classes

At Blu By the Sea the custom “Life Improvement” classes and cognitive behavioral therapy sessions are designed to be modeled after each individual on a case by case basis. This leads to a real trust between staff members and students being developed over time, and a easier path to sobriety for all guests.

About Blu By the Sea

Blu By the Sea is a full service, inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility located in Destin, Florida. The facility is clean, neat, and comfortable all set on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. All the bedrooms have their own bathroom, HD flat screen television, cable TV and DVD player. The food is healthy, delicious and prepared daily using fresh, natural, and wholesome ingredients.

Debbie Ross of Blu By the Sea says:

“I take a personal interest in making sure that our students are treated with the dignity and respect that everyone rightly deserves. Daily staff meetings at our center help ensure that the administration and staff are up-to-date on our students’ progress. The meetings also help to maintain the focus of our center, and that is a program using positive reinforcement with recovery being the top priority.”

Blu By the Sea Can Help Today

To learn more about Blu By the Sea or for more information on any programs offered please contact us at the number listed on this page, or simply fill out the quick and easy form and we will contact you promptly for a completely confidential addiction assessment.