Residential Treatment for Heroin Addiction

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), fourteen to fifteen percent of all residential substance abuse treatment admissions are for heroin addiction.

Find The Right Treatment

Many who suffer from heroin addiction cannot find a drug rehab center to adequately treat their heroin addiction. Most all drug rehab centers do not have a modality of treatment that rids the heroin addict from the physical cravings for the drug. There is, however, a drug rehab program with a drug treatment method that not only eliminates the drug cravings, but also teaches the one suffering from heroin addiction a new way to live. That drug rehab program is Blu By the Sea.

We Understand Heroin Addiction

Blu By the Sea’s record of success with heroin addiction spans over a six-year period and their success rate is unmatched by any other drug rehab. Debbie Ross, executive director of Blu By the Sea explains, “When people ask, what makes your drug rehab program so successful? I can never point to any one single item because our, and more important, our students’ success is a mixture of many things. Some of the reasons for our success include, the facility, which houses a limited number of people, true one-on-one care and attention, a program that helps to eliminate the physical cravings for the drug, being in a better position than most drug rehabs to handle the small “˜details’ associated with helping people overcome heroin addiction, etc.” Ross continues, “The bottom line is that our drug rehab program is effective and it works.”

Let Us Help Today

Blu By the Sea is a tried and proven get off and stay off drug rehab program. They have been helping people not only overcome heroin addiction, but other drugs and alcohol as well, and they can help you.