The sudden and unexpected death of a beloved actor is always a shock, especially when it seems that any issues that had previously existed were firmly placed in the past. Robin Williams, a beloved comedian and actor, died unexpectedly of an apparent suicide, reports ABC News.

Acting and Substance Abuse

Robin Williams followed a path that plagues many actors and actresses during their careers on the big screen. According to the LA Times, the comedian was open about his past addiction and abuse of cocaine and alcohol. He admitted that he had used and abused alcohol throughout different periods of his acting career and was often open about his use of substances and his efforts to recover from alcohol and cocaine abuse.

The actor started his career in the 1970s and won an Oscar for his acting. Over the years, he was hailed for his comedic roles and his ability to draw out funny and interesting characters. Despite his success on the big screen and his unique talents, the actor started abusing cocaine and alcohol.

Giving up the Substances

In the 1980s, Robin Williams quit abusing cocaine and alcohol. According to ABC News, he decided to quit the substances as a result of becoming a father. Rather than going into a rehab program, the actor and comedian simply stopped taking the substances.

Although he did not use or abuse cocaine in the future, he did admit to alcohol abuse and addiction in 2006. After entering a rehabilitation program, he gave up the substance a second time and openly admitted to his mistakes and efforts to remain sober after rehab. NBC News reports that the comedian and actor also returned to rehabilitation in July. According to NBC News, he went into the program to help maintain his commitment to staying sober.

Depression and Suicide

Despite his efforts and success in relation to giving up the drugs and alcohol, Robin Williams continued to face challenges. ABC News reports that he was working with professionals to help with severe depression.

Feelings of depression or similar mental health conditions can often contribute to substance abuse and there are risks associated with severe forms of anxiety, depression or similar conditions. Among the risks is the possibility of attempting or committing suicide.

After working on maintaining sobriety and facing the challenges associated with depression, Robin Williams committed suicide. The authorities determined that he had passed away when they arrived.

Remembering a Rare and Talented Individual

Robin Williams was a rare and talented individual who showed the world that it is possible to give up drugs or alcohol and maintain a sober and healthy lifestyle. He has touched the hearts of millions with his amazing talent and he will be remembered for the gifts that he has given the world.

It is a rare talent to make audiences laugh for hours and it is a rare talent to pull at their hearts and make them cry. The ability to capture a character’s personality and make it shine on the big screen or on television is a talent that Robin Williams shared with the world when he began his acting career in Mork & Mindy and it is a talent that he shared generously with the roles and movies that followed the television series.

Although Robin Williams has passed away, he will be remembered with respect. He was a rare individual who has made audiences around the world laugh and cry. He has shared the details of his addictions and has explained the details and challenges that related to his recovery. Robin Williams is an inspiration and he will be missed.