Jenissa Chintella, Psy.D., is a clinician at Altus Treatment in Aliso Viejo, California. Dr. Chintella is an important part of the Altus team, combining her extensive clinical background with an authentic passion to help save lives.

Dr. Chintella earned her bachelor’s degree from California State University Channel Islands and her master’s and doctorate degrees in clinical psychology from California Lutheran University. Even before joining the Altus team, Dr. Chintella demonstrated a strong desire to help save the lives of people affected by myriad behavioral health issues. Dr. Chintella began helping to save lives in 2006, serving as an in-home therapist for preschool children with autism spectrum disorder, and since 2011 she has worked as a clinical therapist in a number of treatment centers.

Dr. Chintella decided on a career in psychotherapy because it dovetailed with her desire to help and serve others and make a positive difference in people’s lives. Her desire to bring hope, light and healing to her clients at Altus is what drives her on a daily basis.

Dr. Chintella also has a strong background in research, having worked on a number of research topics, many of which were related to the suffering of those with eating disorders and the emotional impact of those disorders. To this work Dr. Chintella brings a psychoanalytic conceptualization, focusing on the problems underlying a client’s current symptoms or health issues. In working with clients, Dr. Chintella uses a variable approach, utilizing whichever strategies best fit the client’s needs. Dr. Chintella always tries to meet clients where they are in their recovery, and she utilizes evidence-based practices to assist clients in reaching their goals for treatment.

Not only is Dr. Chintella committed to saving lives through her work at Altus, but she is also heavily involved in her university community, serving as both a mentor to other students and in a leadership role as a class and school representative. In her free time, she enjoys attending events in the community, outdoor activities and reading on the beach.