Fighting an addiction to drugs or alcohol often requires the assistance of a professional treatment program. The problem that may worry some individuals is the cost of treatment. Many assume that addiction treatment is out of reach financially, but the reality is that solutions are available to help stay within a strict budget.

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Costs of Rehab Programs

The cost of treatment will vary based on the specific rehabilitation program and the method of treating an addiction that medical professionals determine is appropriate for an individual. Since treatment will vary between individuals and the program that is selected, the exact costs will not be the same for every individual.

Price of Public Programs

A public rehabilitation facility will usually have a wide range of prices based on the needs of the individual. Depending on the state and the specific facility, free or low-cost services may be available for men and women who are struggling with addiction.

Although free services may be available, in many cases the treatment is designed for out-patient needs. For example, an individual may come in for group therapy two or three times per week to work on the addiction, but might not be required to stay in the facility for more comprehensive treatment. For some individuals, the public programs offer the tools to help overcome the addiction, but others will find that it is not appropriate for specific needs.

When a public program offers a low-cost or budget –friendly program, it may offer in-patient services for short-term treatment. In general, the short-term treatment is roughly 28 to 30 days long.

A sliding scale is often used to help create a budget-friendly program. That means an individual is charged based on annual income levels rather than using a set price that every individual is required to pay. As a result, the program will only charge an amount that is affordable for the individual in treatment.

in patient cost

Standard Treatment Costs

Although public programs offer a wide range of different pricing solutions and may offer some free treatment services, the program may or may not address personal needs relating to treatment. For example, it may offer general counseling services, but might not have the tools to handle dual-diagnosis treatment or more complicated addictions.

A standard rehab program is designed to provide a higher level of care than a public program, so the cost of the treatment is usually higher than public treatment programs. Depending on the services that are available, the cost of treatment will vary widely.

According to The Clean Slate, the average cost of in-patient drug rehabilitation at a standard facility is roughly $25,166 for one month of services. That average includes facilities that offer a detoxification program as well as facilities that do not.

Facilities that do not offer detoxification services have significantly lower average expenses. According to The Clean Slate, the average cost of a one-month in-patient program without a detoxification program is $15,491. Programs that include detoxification require a larger medical staff, so the average cost is higher at $27,399 for one month.

Although the price seems high, the National Institute on Drug Abuse points out that the cost is actually less than the expense of a continued substance abuse addiction.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the average annual cost of one year of imprisonment for drug-related crimes is $24,000. When that cost is added to the healthcare expenses, emergency room prices and the cost of the substance itself, a single year can quickly add up to very high prices.

Luxury Treatment Programs

luxury treatment cost

The most expensive treatment facilities for substance abuse addiction are luxury programs. The luxury programs will usually cost two to three times the price of a standard treatment program, but they also offer a higher level of care, more treatment options and luxurious surroundings that may appeal to some individuals.

Luxury treatment programs can charge prices of $40,000 to more than $80,000 for one month of treatment, depending on the location of the program and the treatment options that are available. In general, the more luxurious the facility, the higher the cost of treatment will become.

Although treatment for an addiction may seem costly, the National Institute on Drug Abuse suggests that the price is worth the expense because it ultimately reduces overall costs of addiction. Since the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that the yearly cost of addiction is $600 billion in lost work, healthcare expenses and drug-related crime, treating the addiction is a useful way to cut back on the total expense.