Drug Rehabilitation Improvements

Several months ago when Gil Kerlikowske, the President’s new drug czar was introduced, there was a renewed interest by the government in improving the standards of drug rehabilitation for addicts across the country.

At that time and addressing the challenges that Mr. Kerlikowske faced, President Obama said, “With escalating violence along our Southwest border and far too many suffering from [addiction] here at home, never has it been more important to have a national drug control strategy guided by sound principles of public safety and public health.

President Obama states…

The president added, “We must demonstrate to our international partners, the criminal organizations threatening to undermine stability and the rule of law in those nations, and the American people, that we take seriously our responsibility to reduce drug use in the United States.”

Now several months later the war on drugs in Mexico and throughout the United States continues to escalate. The problem still rests in finding the right type of drug rehab program; a drug rehab program that actually can produce long-term positive results for addicts.

Blu By the Sea Can Help

Fortunately, that drug rehab program still exists; and the name of it is Blu By the Sea. Blu By the Sea was started seven years ago by Randy and Deborah Ross, who were looking for the right type of rehab program for their son. Following numerous unsuccessful attempts and rehab programs for him, the Rosses knew that there had to be a program out there that achieved positive results for permanent recovery.

We Have the Answers

After years of research Randy and Debbie decided to open Blu By the Sea, and converted their 10,500 square-foot beach home into the drug rehab facility. After seven years and with a 90% success rate, the results achieved through the Blu By the Sea program have been astonishing.

“We know that we have found a better way and that people can recover from the devastation caused by drug and alcohol abuse,” says Debbie Ross, Executive Director of the center. Blu By the Sea has graduated several hundred people from their drug rehab program. We can help you or a loved one too.