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Everlast Recovery Centers

Treatment Catagory : detox

Safe, Comfortable Drug and Alcohol Detox and Residential Addiction Treatment

Location: Riverside, California 

Call Everlast Recovery Centers: 1 (833) 905-1408

Treatment Catagory : detox

Safe, Comfortable Drug and Alcohol Detox and Residential Addiction Treatment

About Everlast Recovery Centers

Drug Detox

Detox is the first step toward a new life free from addiction. Everlast Recovery Centers will keep you supported and safe while your body adjusts to sobriety.

Residential Treatment

Residential addiction treatment helps you relearn ways of thinking and behaving. Clients build a mental toolbox for lasting sobriety through therapeutic services and education.

Mobile Pharmacy

The 24-hour mobile pharmacy means you’ll never have to wait for your medications, no matter what time of day you’re admitted.

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I’m James and I’m an alcoholic. And today I’m not afraid or ashamed to say that and I owe a huge part of it to the women and men at Everlast Recovery. When I called Amber I was lost and broken but they had more faith in me than I did myself. Everlast changed my life and helped me build the foundation that I use today to stay sober. They helped me get to California and after missing 3 flights, when I finally arrived I saw smiling faces waiting for me. I knew right away I could trust them because they all had something that I wanted which was sobriety and a better life. The programming at Everlast is phenomenal, the staff is so genuine and caring and if it comes down to it they will always fight with you for your sobriety and even when you feel like giving up they will stand strong and back you up until you you’re ready to stand on your own feet. I owe so much to everyone at Everlast and I could honestly say from the bottom of my heart that without them I would not be alive today. Today I am 18 months sober and still going strong. To the person reading this, please call Everlast if you need help. It worked for me and I was the absolute worst addict/alcoholic but now I’m a productive member of society, I have a career and a family and people want to be around me again. Everlast is like a guardian Angel, all you have to do is surrender and ask for help and they will come running. They will never stop loving you and caring for you. And to this day they still message me checking up on me and I know I always have them no matter where I’m at I know I always have people rooting for my success and ready to fight for me if I ever need it.
– James D.

Upon coming to EVERLAST I was at the end of my rope. I knew I had a lot of work to do and I wasn't sure where to start. The staff here were willing to help me figure out my goals and helped me achieve what I needed. Each staff brings something different to the table and i feel like I got something from each of them. The case managers made it a point to create a plan that fit what I wanted to change and helped keep me accountable to continue moving forward. There are many things I gained from everlast, an atmosphere that felt like home, awareness of self that has helped me gain clarity of what I want in life and how to get it and they assisted me in addressing all my personal affairs during my stay. This place makes you feel like you really matter and that you can whole heartily make major changes in your life. Thank you so very much EVERLAST.
– Shane C.

Great nonjudgmental place! Very relaxed environment that encourages self insight and growth. The food is AMAZING! I never felt out of place or that I wasn’t welcome. Since returning home I have enrolled in faith bible college studying to be a marriage counselor and one day a minister. My family benefited greatly from my entering into this program! Please, if you are seeking help look no further!
– Terrance A.

I have been to a handful of programs, but, never a program as intimate and refreshing as everlast. The owner and staff genuinely care for your well being and recovery. The counselors help take care of all outside appointments and health care. The groups are very well organized and beneficial. The one on one experience here, makes your time worth value. This facility is very clean and cozy and the meals are fantastic. I have never felt this strong and determined leaving a program.
– Sean S.

Program Philosophy 

Imagine waking up, ready to greet the day and feeling 100 percent. No headache. No body aches or nausea. No remorse, no mental fog. None of the usual calling-cards of a night spent using, just a clear head and peaceful spirit. If you haven’t experienced a morning like this recently, it might be time to consider drug detox in Riverside, California. At Everlast Recovery Centers, you’ll find a welcoming environment where we’ll help you safely and comfortably detoxify your body and mind from drug addiction and alcohol addiction.

Everlast Recovery Centers has availability.

Call Now: 1 (833) 905-1408

Everlast Recovery Centers has availability.

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Everlast Recovery Centers's Staff

Everlast Recovery Center’s founder and CEO Danny Dorsey knows firsthand the toll that addiction can take on a person, on their loved ones and on their community. His personal journey and his appreciation for a second chance at life have inspired him to share the hope and joy of recovery with everyone who needs it. Danny knows how important support is in recovery from addiction, and he’s ready to give you the tools you need to fight for your recovery. “As we grow in life, we evolve from what we once were to what we are capable of becoming: successful and productive members of our community and role models for our children.” – Danny
Danny Dorsey


Everlast Recovery Centers has availability.

Call Now: 1 (833) 905-1408

Everlast Recovery Centers has availability.

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