7 Steps to be a “Foodie”: Nutrition After Rehab  

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Nutrition after rehab is an important part of a healthy lifestyle during recovery. People who use and abuse substances generally don’t get proper nutrition to fuel their bodies. The drug itself affects your body and then the lifestyle often leads to unhealthy eating. Not getting enough healthy nutrients can cause symptoms such as anemia, heart problems or confusion. Changing your eating habits can help your body heal and function well. 

If you’re ready to take your nutrition to another level and enjoy the process of making and eating great food, become a foodie, which is someone who enjoys food and follows food trends. Make an interest in food your new hobby by following these seven steps: 

Visit Local Farmers Markets

Meals start with finding great ingredients, so head to the local farmers market, where you can find a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables. In many communities, farmers markets are a hub of social activity where you can have positive experiences and meet good people. 

Explore Cultures

Food is a large part of culture, so use your new hobby as a chance to learn more about your family’s culture. You can also learn about other cultures in the kitchen, using cookbooks and websites to guide you. 

Learn About How Food Affects Your Body

Learn how the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in food affect your body. Focus on the foods you should eat a lot of, such as a variety of fruits and vegetables while avoiding processed foods.

Make Food a Family Hobby

Get your whole family involved in your new hobby. Food preparation and eating are great ways to learn from and share time with your older relatives. Ask them to pass on family recipes. These are also wonderful activities to share with your children, and you can pass useful skills of nutrition knowledge and cooking on to them. 

Pick Up Cooking Skills

Gain confidence in your life and learn something new by picking up cooking skills. There are endless skills to learn, such as which herbs and spices to use, how to use cooking tools and how to prepare certain dishes. Take a class or learn from recipes, online videos and simply experimenting on your own. 

Turn the Kitchen into a Social Center

Through cooking and eating, the kitchen can become your new hang-out spot where you can entertain friends and enjoy time with your family. 

Nutrition After Rehab

Gaining an interest in food is just one more way to take control of your life. It can add confidence and joy to your life. In addition, through cooking, you will be taking care of yourself and having control over what goes in your body. 

Following healthy nutrition habits during and after the recovery process can help your body heal and help prevent a relapse. Turning nutrition into a foodie hobby promotes a healthy lifestyle and gives you control over your body. Share your nutrition experiences in the comments and check back for more helpful tips on recovery and a life after recovery. 


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