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Treatment Catagory : small

Changing the landscape of treatment by addressing the biology of addiction and healing the brain.

Location: Springville, Utah

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Treatment Catagory : small

Changing the landscape of treatment by addressing the biology of addiction and healing the brain.

About Ampelis Recovery

Residential Treatment

The goal of residential treatment is to create a strong, individualized treatment plan both clinically and medically. Our goal is to uncover barriers that prevent individuals from living a happy and successful life.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Intensive outpatient is to allow clients the ability to work on their treatment while beginning or continuing to participate in their life. We offer small, comprehensive, evidence-based groups for our clients. We offer gender specific programming, as well as co-ed groups.

Sober Living

Sober living is where our clients apply their new skills, identify and recovery to the real world. They being to embark on their next step of their lives, whether that’s in school or in the workplace. Clients can develop and refine their life skills while living in a safe and structured environment.

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Thank you to Ampelis Recovery for giving me my life back! This is GODS HOUSE.
-Kaiden P

Ampelis Recovery's approach to treatment is innovative and inspiring. I love how their program focuses on healing the body, mind, and spirit. I also love the support they provide to family members during and after treatment. Their aftercare program is like no other. They genuinely want to help their clients obtain lasting sobriety!
-Reed, D

Program Philosophy 

Life and the human experience are complicated and comprised of many different influences – our bodies, minds and thoughts, relationships and environments, and our spiritual beliefs. Each of these elements is distinct but interrelated. Our physical health is affected by our thoughts, relationships, and spirituality. Our mental health is affected by our physical activity and what we eat. When we effectively address these areas in concert with one another, remarkable and lasting healing takes place. Brain systems are restored to proper functioning resulting in healthy emotions and the absence of addictive cravings. Mistakes, adversity, and pain can be replaced with wisdom, strength, love, and forgiveness.

Ampelis Recovery has availability.

Call Now: (385) 437-6257

Ampelis Recovery has availability.

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Ampelis Recovery 's Staff

Lon founded Ampelis on his philosophy that moral purpose and meaning are at the heart of happiness. He believes that there is a vital relationship between character strengths and virtues that lead to the “good life.” As an advocate of positive psychology and a believer in experiential learning, his vision is to help create a world where every individual and family has meaning in their lives.
Lon Henderson

Partner, CEO

With a professional objective “to make significant contributions in the care of others”, Robbie has used his background in accounting, operations, strategy, and business development to build healthcare businesses that disrupt and offer greater value to markets. Robbie brings knowledge and passion to the Ampelis team. He finds fulfillment using his expertise to create better ways for people to cultivate meaning in their lives and businesses. He is deeply invested in the Ampelis methodology and uses it daily within his own life to develop self, nurture relationships with others, and connect with the divine. As the President of Ampelis and Ampelis Recovery, Robbie spends his days serving clients and working with the team to design and implement Ampelis services.
Robbie Harmon

Partner, President

Justin is the definition of a people person, who uses this skill set to lead the client relations and marketing efforts for the Ampelis team. Justin has a bachelor’s degree in Technical Sales from Weber State University and has spent his career in business development. He embraces and thoroughly enjoys the challenge of taking a new product or service to market. In addition to leading our marketing and client relations efforts, Justin lends his hand to program development to ensure every aspect of Ampelis is of the highest quality.
Justin Weeks

Partner, Business Development

Reed wears many hats on the Ampelis team—he is the jack of all trades at the center of the organization. He oversees strategy, finance, accounting, legal, human resources, the alumni program, and works with the team developing experiential aspects of the program.
Reed Davis

Partner, Strategy/Finance

Ampelis Recovery has availability.

Call Now: (385) 437-6257

Ampelis Recovery has availability.

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