The TopRehabs Choice for
Inpatient Program is Arrow Passage

Leading-Edge Addiction and Dual Diagnosis Treatment
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The TopRehabs Choice for Inpatient Program is Arrow Passage

Leading-Edge Addiction and Dual Diagnosis Treatment

About Arrow Passage

Full Continuum of Care

Arrow Passage will take you through your first stages of recovery, all the way from detox through houtpatient and aftercare.

Dual Diagnosis

The experienced staff at Arrow Passage is ready to treat co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders.

Gender-Specific Available

Some people’s unique circumstances make gender-specific treatment a more effective option than co-ed treatment.

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My daughter has been a part of this recovery program. I cannot believe the wonderful change that has a part of her journey. The staff is amazing, everyone is caring, supporting and respectful. I would recommend this to anyone who is struggling with addiction. Help is available and recovery is possible. Please feel free to reach out to me, I am willing to share my experience with addiction as a mother of an addict and what an a wonderful place this is.
– Tobi P

Words can hardly describe what Arrow Passage Recovery has done for me. They literally saved my life and for that I will forever be grateful. Their staff care so deeply for each and every client. I have gained a working knowledge of addiction, the steps and so much more. My fellow peers and I felt like a large family, all rooting for one another. The house itself is beautiful and spacious, and I loved the country atmosphere and the fresh air. The office where we had groups is beautiful as well, and the large amount of art supplies was perfect for art therapy. I loved the outings on the weekends (we went to Dr. Bob's House one Saturday and it was life changing! I was able to do my 3rd step in the same room as he did). I would recommend APR for anyone who is struggling with addiction. I am loving life in recovery and thank everyone at APR for everything they did for me. I love you all!
– Kelsey B.

Unlike any other treatment facility. Very personalized. I've been extremely blessed to have received the opportunity to experience this program. I'm excited to live out my recovery. The owners door is always open and truly listens to any cares or concerns you may have. Great clinical staff. Highly recommend this center for anyone who is ready to get clean and sober in a real world setting.
– Mike W.

I hated it at first. I didn't think I had a problem till I got here and it opened my eyes up. I had Barb and she was wonderful. She was blunt and to the point. She cared so much about my recovery. She helped me find myself again. She helped me love myself again. She opened up my eyes to a new way of life for me. The staff really cares here and you can tell they do. they know when were down and out. they really dig deep and find the root of the problem. there is no judgement and I'm so glad I came here because it changed my life for the better.
– Nicole C.

Program Philosophy 

Unique Approach with High Completion Rate We built our addiction and dual diagnosis treatment models from the ground up to create the highest quality care for every patient. With personalized treatment plans that move at the pace that works best for you, our integrative approach provides the comprehensive support you need to succeed in recovery. Whether you need treatment for addiction or a dual diagnosis, from residential through outpatient and aftercare, you and your family will receive the customized support you’d expect from a luxurious destination facility – right in your backyard.

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Arrow Passage has availability

Arrow Passage has availability

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