New Center at 145 Columbia Tackles Addiction

Aliso Viejo, CA — (SBWIRE) — 03/25/2016 — Altus Treatment, a new rehabilitation and addiction recovery center in Aliso Viejo, California, is now up and running. Under the direction of treatment veteran Clay Niles, Altus returns the recovery process to its basics, utilizing a therapeutic and medicinal approach.

“Altus helps save lives,” Niles says. “Though it ultimately falls on the patient to save himself or herself, Altus is here to facilitate and empower. We employ tried-and-true methods that are backed by science, and we put our patients first.”

As Altus’s leader, Niles brings decades of experience in addiction recovery services—experience beginning with his own addiction and including employment in nearly every position that makes up treatment services. “Recovery is hard work,” Niles continues. “This is part of the reason why our country now faces an addiction crisis of devastating proportions. Recovery is not easy and soft, nor is it supposed to be. It requires steadfast dedication and real effort by the addict, all under the wing of doctors and therapists who understand addiction’s biological and psychological underpinnings.”

About Dr. Meghan Marcum
Heading Altus’s clinical team is Dr. Meghan Marcum, another individual with years of experience in recovery services. Dr. Marcum brings a breadth of clinical understanding, from treating juvenile offenders and children with behavioral or mental disorders, to providing supportive therapy for people of all ages, to overseeing and planning clinical programs that tackle addiction. Further, she gained nearly all of her professional experience right here in southern California, acquiring keen insight into the local landscape along the way, learning firsthand what does and does not work during her time with other recovery programs in the region.

“Dr. Marcum is who I would send my friends and family to, if they had a need,” Niles finishes. “And I can’t say it any fairer than that.”

FOR PRESS INQUIRIES: Please contact Clay Niles or Angela McMahon by calling (949) 521-6138.

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