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Treatment Catagory : womens

Holistic Healing for Lasting Recovery

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Treatment Catagory : womens

Holistic Healing for Lasting Recovery

About Iris Healing

Drug Detox

This process involves a series of treatments that are aimed at managing the acute symptoms of intoxication and withdrawal from substances. Detoxification is not the same as treatment for substance abuse but is often the first step of the overall treatment process.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment is often a good idea for those who are struggling with substance abuse, PTSD, or eating disorders. It can also help uncover deeper issues such as mental health issues, past trauma, or behavioral problems, and provide therapy and a consistent structure as coping methods to address these issues. 

Neuro Feedback

Neurofeedback — also known as Electroencephalogram (EEG) Biofeedback – is a non-invasive therapeutic intervention that assesses brainwave activity and works to improve abnormal patterns. This allows our treatment team to identify the cause of your neurological problem rather than responding to the symptoms—as is the case with traditional therapy. Neuro feedback takes the guesswork out of mental health treatment by using observable imaging data.

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I love Iris treatment center. I wish I could've stayed longer. The staff there were all so sweet and caring. The focus on the spiritual healing was my favorite in all the group meetings.  The individual care and attention was absolutely outstanding. The house was comfortable and clean and the outdoor area was super peaceful. I'm grateful for all the staff and therapist, they have given me the ability to have a positive outlook on my journey. I can't thank them enough for all they have done for me. Special shout out to Cheff M, Dapo, Luda, and Elana!!!
-Tina B.

I had tried the typical 12 step programs in the best to help with my alcohol problems, and they never stuck. My life was out of control, and nothing helped until I discovered Iris Healing Retreat. The staff connected with me right away, and the facility makes you feel welcomed and at ease as you go through the program. The unique approaches allowed me to get to the core of my issues, learn to overcome them and find the best ways to lead a sober life again. Iris Healing restored my life and my faith in myself, so I know I can succeed.
-Aaron S.

As an experienced professional in the substance abuse treatment arena, I wanted to take a moment to tell you my thoughts about Iris Healing Retreat. I have had the pleasure of working closely with the clinical team and the admissions team. Dr Elena, the owner, is very serious about the work that is done at the facilities. From the PhD educated clinicians to the caring support staff as well as the compassionate and accommodating admissions team. Everything about this program is above par. The facility offers talk therapy, as well as cutting edge Brainspotting therapy, Neurofeedback therapy and TMS therapy. Having those additional therapies speaks volumes to the commitment Dr Elena and the staff have for initiating change in and assisting the client in secure lasting recovery. I feel very confident in saying you or your loved one will have a powerful positive life changing experience at Iris Healing Retreat.
-Matthew B.

Program Philosophy 

Our holistic rehab in California places empathy and spirituality at the forefront to lead to successful recovery. If you are searching for comprehensive and compassionate care for yourself or a loved one, Iris Healing provides the best treatment available. Our program at Iris Healing recognizes that different treatment options work for different people and we will work with you to discover what works best for you as an individual.

Iris Healing has availability.

Call Now: 1 (844) 663-4747

Iris Healing has availability.

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Iris Healing's Staff

Dr. Elena Kapustina found her true calling and completed her PsyD in Clinical Psychology after earning her MBA and spending years working as the CFO for major corporations. She founded Iris Healing to holistically work with dual diagnosis patients in order to create a more sustainable recovery. From managing 1,000 employees to creating a top-of-the-line treatment center, Dr. Kapustina harnesses her passion to create positive experiences for others. After completing her Doctorate degree and successfully defending her dissertation “Conceptualizing Spirituality in Psychotherapy,” she opened the doors to Iris Healing Retreat in Woodland Hills. Subsequently, she opened an outpatient wellness center nearby to provide an amazing continuum of care for those seeking treatment from substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, and clients with trauma. Elena is uniquely positioned to support clients and their families through the process of recovery due to her diverse education, combining real world business acumen with a grounded, compassionate, and nurturing approach to individual care. Whenever Elena is not with clients or their families, you will see her attending educational events, conferences and just enjoying talking to people and helping as much as she can. She is an eternal student – constantly seeking new paths to personal growth and evolution that she can offer her community and clients. Elena served as the editor for a charitable psychology magazine called Gratitude and continues to volunteer and support several non-profits. She strongly believes in treatment over incarceration and therefore spends substantial time bringing awareness to the legal community while also advocating for her clients. She also has a sense of adventure – having explored over 40 countries – which gives her a open-minded and diverse perspective on her work. In her free time, you can find Elena playing on the beach with her daughter and practicing hot yoga.
Elena Kapustina


Iris Healing has availability.

Call Now: 1 (844) 663-4747

Iris Healing has availability.

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