Hepatitis C Treatment Scholarships

Hepatitis C treatment solutions are being offered by a nationally respected, Board certified addiction treatment physician (Suboxone clinic West Palm Beach, Florida). Dr. Ligotti, Founder of Whole Health, is fighting the silent epidemic of Hepatitis C that affects 1 in 100 Americans. Dr. Ligotti is offering full hepatitis C treatment scholarships to those in need, who do not have insurance coverage or adequate funds to pay for evaluation and treatment of their hepatitis C.  Insured patients can also typically obtain treatment after proper evaluation and work-up at little, or no direct cost to them.

Hepatitis C Treatment Scholarships

Many people are infected with this silent killer, and have no idea that the virus is causing continual damage to their bodies. Dr. Ligotti said, “The staggering numbers of our recovery patient population testing positive to hepatitis C (approximately 60% over the last year), and NOT receiving appropriate treatment, has prompted us to take immediate action offering hepatitis C treatment solutions”. We have found a way for our patients, and patients of treatment centers, with whom we work to get complete treatment for their hepatitis C that is covered in full by most insurance companies.  Because this patient population is so underserved, we will also be offering a limited number of treatment scholarships for patients without insurance ,or adequate funds.
Whole Health’s clients at their West Palm Beach suboxone clinic, are mainly those addicted to opioids, other drugs and alcohol. In their evaluation process for treatment including rapid out-patient opiate detoxification, and suboxone treatment options, they have seen alarming numbers of patients testing positive for Hepatitis C. These numbers fall in line with the unbelievable national rates. We must understand a person can be infected with Hep C for decades while showing no symptoms whatsoever. The CDC is pushing for hepatitis C treatment solutions by recommending all people born between 1945 to 1965 get tested. Also, pregnant women, people who inject (or snort) drugs, have a tattoo, or history of blood transfusion should all be tested, amongst others.

How is Hepatitis C Spread?

Hep C can be spread through various methods, and some are even born with the virus. Some of the common ways it is contracted are contact with infected blood, sharing needles, snorting straws, syringes or other equipment to inject drugs, razors, and toothbrushes with an infected person to name a few.
hepatitis C treatment no signs when affected
Many people have hepatitis C, and show no symptoms, while living with the disease for decades. They don’t feel sick and have no knowledge they are infected. Years without being treated often causes fatal damage to the liver. This silent killer can be stopped with the current hepatitis C treatment available with a 90% success rate.

CDC Reports Hepatitis C Kills More Americans than Any Other Infectious Disease

cdc_hepatitis C treatment
In 2014 the CDC reported an all-time high (19,659) of deaths from hepatitis C. These numbers do not include heroin users, and the homeless. With the current heroin epidemic these numbers are surely higher.

Mortality Rates Out of Control

Another CDC study, “Clinical Infectious Diseases,” shows that the mortality rate from hepatitis C in 2013 exceeded the total combined number of deaths from over 60 other infectious diseases, including HIV, pneumococcal disease, and tuberculosis. The CDC compiled this data from death certificates that many times underreport Hep C., indicating even more deaths occurred than were documented.  This epidemic mandates that we act now, and offer increased access to hepatitis C treatment solutions.

Who Should Be Tested for Hepatitis C

The highest number of Americans with hepatitis C are baby boomers (born from 1945 to 1965). This is a silent killer because many are unaware they even have the disease. While this is the biggest segment of the population affected, there are many other segments. Every US citizen should be tested to avoid fatal consequences, or unknowing transmission of the disease to others.  With so many Americans carrying the disease, Hepatitis C testing must be performed as routinely as cholesterol testing and colon cancer screening. Without proper diagnosis and treatment, patients often develop liver cancer and other related life-threatening diseases.
heroin_opioid epidemic hepatitis c treatment needed
Increasingly alarming, there is a new wave of hepatitis C infections with individuals injecting drugs. While the numbers reported in 2014 were staggering (more than doubling from 2010) among this population, they are SURELY higher with the national heroin epidemic. We need to also consider this silent killer shows no noticeable symptoms.
In addition, this high-risk population is a major concern for the CDC. They are pursuing hepatitis C treatment solutions by recommending the implementation of comprehensive prevention programs to help stop drug-related Hep C and HIV. The prevention programs include regular testing for hepatitis C and HIV within this population.  All addiction treatment centers should be working with an experienced physician to ensure that all patients at risk are tested for and treated if necessary for Hepatitis C.

How Many Americans are affected by Hepatitis C

There are an estimated 3.5 million people in the US living with hepatitis C and half of them are unaware they have the disease. The CDC is recommending a one-time hepatitis C test for anyone born from 1945 to 1965, and regular testing for other high-risk populations. Patients being treated can be cured with new and highly effective treatments boasting a 90% cure rate in just two or three months of medication.  This treatment stops the ongoing damage the virus is causing to our patients’ bodies and helps prevent the spread of hepatitis C.

Reuters Health reports One in 100 Americans has chronic hepatitis C infection

Should You Get Tested?

You can get a Hep C Risk Assessment from the CDC, or If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you are at risk for Hep C, and should be checked immediately.

  • Born between 1945 and 1965?
  • Used injected drugs, hormones, steroids, silicone or cosmetics
  • Blood transfusion, or organ transplant prior to 1992
  • HIV positive
  • Born in Russia, Pakistan, or Egypt, or parents born there
  • Blood transfusion or medical procedure in the above
  • Snorted, or inhaled drugs
  • Your mother had Hepatitis C when you were born
  • Have a piercing, or tattoo not from a licensed professional
  • Abnormal liver tests, or have liver disease
  • Long-term dialysis
  • Stuck with a needle while on your job
  • If you’ve been incarcerated
  • Men that have had sex with other men
  • Had sex with multiple partners

Get Tested. Get Cured!

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are at risk for Hep C, you need to get checked.

Hepatitis C Treatment Scholarships and Treatment Options

Whole Health has always been highly focused on the comprehensive and complete medical care of patients in recovery for drug and alcohol addiction.  Currently, this comprehensive care demands that we offer treatment solutions to this hepatitis C epidemic.  Dr. Ligotti and Whole Health, through a collaborative effort, are offering several hepatitis C treatment solutions.  Whole Health is offering complete hepatitis C treatment scholarships (including free access to medication) to those who qualify as well as treatment for those who do have insurance coverage. Hepatitis C treatment is available- reach out, get tested, and start to get treatment that will save your life!
You can contact Whole Health at 855-965-1626 to see if you qualify for a scholarship, or if your insurance will cover appropriate treatment. Help assist us in reducing the risk of new infections and reversing the staggering trends related to this highly infectious virus!