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Blueprints for Recovery

Treatment Catagory : mens

A Personalized, Inpatient Addiction Recovery Experience

Location: Prescott, Arizona

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Treatment Catagory : mens

A Personalized, Inpatient Addiction Recovery Experience

About Blueprints for Recovery

Residential Treatment

The goal of residential treatment is to create a strong, individualized treatment plan both clinically and medically. Our goal is to uncover barriers that prevent individuals from living a happy and successful life.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Intensive outpatient is to allow clients the ability to work on their treatment while beginning or continuing to participate in their life. We offer small, comprehensive, evidence-based groups for our clients. We offer gender specific programming, as well as co-ed groups.

Sober Living

Sober living is where our clients apply their new skills, identify and recovery to the real world. They being to embark on their next step of their lives, whether that’s in school or in the workplace. Clients can develop and refine their life skills while living in a safe and structured environment.

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Blueprints for Recovery is a truly professional and accredited program that I can honestly say saved my son. The leadership and clinical team displayed tremendous compassion and communication beginning with the first phone call and throughout the 90-day program. The personal and individualized care my son experienced in treating his co-occurring disorders made the difference in giving him the greatest chance for continued success in recovery that previous treatment centers were unable to. Blueprints was also genuinely committed in finding aftercare to healthy transitional living. I am very grateful.
-Florence W.

Blueprints program and staff is absolutely the best around. I have been through treatment in Prescott (several times unfortunately) and, on my last leg, I wound up a Blueprints. I am grateful every single day that I did. It ended up being everything I thought I could not find in treatment. The owners are not in it for your money, the staff are down to earth and truly care. You get to go on amazing trips, etc. The best part for me is that I never once felt like i was just being pushed through yet another treatment program to come out at the end unprepared for real life once again. These people showed me that I could actually be happy while staying sober. To an addict that is everything, believe me. I would absolutely recommend Blueprints to anyone out there who is suffering and needs hope that life can be good again. 5 stars all the way. Thank you guys.
-Taylor C.

Amazing "real world" recovery program!! It's amazing the changes in our entire family, and a huge thank you to Blueprints incredible and genuinely caring staff. Very open communication and professional group of caring people who have given the tools to living "one day at a time" with the tools to be clean and free! We highly recommend this program and always knew our son was safe and in great care. Thank you for being a part of our family and journey!
-Lisa J.

Program Philosophy 

Blueprints for Recovery strives to create a stimulating, active experience for our residents. Our unique combination of activities not only provide our residents with a healthy outlet for their emotions, but it also provides them with structure and coping mechanisms designed for long-lasting sobriety.

Blueprints for Recovery has availability.

Call Now: (928) 232-6455

Blueprints for Recovery has availability.

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Blueprints for Recovery's Staff

I created Blueprints for Recovery to be a 6-month residential program. Our program primarily focuses on young males between the ages of 18-25 with a drug and/or alcohol addiction. The Blueprints for Recovery center is based on a 12 Step Recovery Program, but we also offer other recovery tracks. We’re located in a safe, private environment that promotes recovery as a whole. We designed a small center with a family atmosphere enabling us to give the needed one-on-one attention to our residents.
Rodney Zimmers


Blueprints for Recovery has availability.

Call Now: (928) 232-6455

Blueprints for Recovery has availability.

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