Addiction can be a difficult topic to broach with your loved one, but you might be the key to helping them find the help that they need in order to get better. It’s important to know the warning signs of a person struggling with an addiction so that you can intervene if necessary. If you are worried that someone you love is battling addiction, you should work to get them the assistance and rehabilitation that they need.

Below are 10 signs that your loved one may be struggling with addiction:

  1. Their appearance seems to change. Sudden, unexplained weight loss, tooth decay and bruises can be initial warning signs of addition.
  2. They fall asleep at odd hours during the day or struggle to sleep through the night.
  3. They abandon their normal daily routine, and do not follow through with their commitments.
  4. You start to see changes in their personality. Some people become withdrawn, while others become hyperactive or overly obnoxious.
  5. They stop caring about things that were once very important to them, such as a career, children, pets or hobbies.
  6. They start to show signs of health problems. Warning signs might include frequent vomiting, headaches and fatigue. Some people experience frequent illness, such as a recurring case of the common cold.
  7. Behavioral problems might become more evident. A young person might be getting into trouble in school, while an older person may start slacking off at work.
  8. They are hanging out with a new set of friends, and have abandoned old relationships. Some people might take on a new group of peers. At the same time, they tend to push away the people who they have long, established and loving relationships with.
  9. They are experiencing mood swings. Some people might be in a good mood one minute, and then extremely angry just a moment later.
  10. They start to become reclusive. Many people will attempt to keep their addiction private, and will resort to staying home and avoiding obligations in order to get their next fix.

inpatient rehabIf someone you know is displaying one or more of these warning signs, don’t wait to try to get them the help they need. Blu By the Sea Drug Rehab offers advice, tips and knowledge for people with addiction and their loved ones who work to support them. Work together with professionals in order to determine the best course of action, and above all else, be there to support your loved one during this difficult time.