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Where Do I Start to Get Help for Alcoholism

Moderate drinking is often viewed as an acceptable social behavior, but it still carries many risks. While this type of drinking does not involve heavy drinking, regular consumption of alcoholic beverages can lead to issues such as physical dependence and impaired cognitive ability. AUD may be somewhat different for everyone, and for that reason, a variety of treatment approaches are available to better speak to each person’s individual needs.

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Get professional help from an addiction and mental health counselor from BetterHelp. Furthermore, when alcohol is regularly abused over an extended period it can lead to a decrease in fertility rates by disrupting hormone production or impairing reproductive functioning. Finally, extensive alcohol abuse will also take an emotional toll on individuals leading to depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts which could ultimately lead to self-destructive behavior. Besides its impacts on physical health, too much alcohol can also lead to violent outbursts such as homicide or sexual assault.

In Florida, some bad-faith treatment facilities offer hope and promises of a quick recovery in the beautiful Sunshine State. But that’s not how drug addiction works, said Dr. Robert Moran, a psychiatrist, addiction medicine specialist, treatment center owner and member of the local Addiction Recovery Task Force. Among sites with a wait list, the average wait time for a bed was nearly 1 month alcoholism treatment program (28 days), which is longer than among adult addiction treatment centers, which other research suggested an average wait time of 6 days. For the sake of this assessment, patients may also undergo blood tests and screening for the presence of any co-occurring mental or physical health issues. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a proven method for alleviating the burdens of alcoholism.

Residential vs. Inpatient Rehab: What’s the Difference?

They get access to addiction treatment, mental health services, and mental health professionals. Many of the rehab facilities under the American Addiction Centers umbrella are in-network with insurance providers, which can help with the cost of treatment. Explore our treatment centers near you to find the best treatment for your needs.

what is a residential treatment program for alcoholism