For anyone struggling with drug use, regardless of how long that struggle has gone on, it is important to take steps toward recovery. It isn’t easy to recognize if you are still struggling with drug use, let alone take those crucial first steps. It is important to know that you will find the help you need once you are ready to seek recovery.

Choosing the Type of Treatment and Recovery Program That is Best For You

Many individuals who want to recover from using substances do not want to participate in a traditional plan such as a 12-Step Program, for example. If you would prefer choosing another way to recover, consider the following unique addiction treatment programs.

  1. Family Focused Counseling.
  2. Many persons who use substances and plan to go into treatment worry about the solitude of entering recovery, worrying that feelings of isolation are what caused them to seek substances in the first place.

    Also, family inclusive counseling helps give the user a realistic idea of life outside of the treatment plan, as far as what you might expect from your family members, as well as they will expect from you and offer to you.

  3. Nutritional Therapy.
  4. Some programs use fundamental good nutrition and good eating habits as a way to help you repair any cellular damage that substances might have made to your body. One program, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, uses intravenous amino acid therapy to help replenish your body with essential amino acids as quickly as possible to help the body remove any residual chemicals lingering.

    Another benefit to this therapy is that it helps boost neurotransmitters to increase the brain’s ability to create serotonin.

  5. Holistic Therapy.
  6. This type of therapy might employ some crossover from nutritional therapy, at least in terms of using a healthy diet to help rid the body of toxins. Holistic therapy offers much more, such as stretching, gentle exercise and yoga classes to help users repair their body and restore their health from the physical standpoint.

    Users in a holistic therapy program might commit some time each day toward meditation and thoughtful talk therapy sessions, either in a group or in a one-on-one session with a professional counselor.

  7. The CRAFT Method.
  8. counselorSimilar to Family-Focused Therapy, the CRAFT Method focuses more on non-confrontational approaches toward helping a loved one realize they are in need of therapeutic help to achieve recovery.

    While this method is still useful once the user reaches out for professional help with a substance problem, CRAFT truly helps the person using get to the point where they are ready for help. This program uses motivational techniques to help a loved one instead of confrontational methods that are sometimes used during a traditional intervention.

    Spiritual Therapy.

    Sometimes, when a user’s faith is important to them, following a course of spiritual treatment might prove most effective. While professional therapists cannot proclaim a specific reason for this method of treatment succeeds in helping users toward recovery, spiritual therapy is known to help people recover from various physical, emotional and spiritual problems.

  9. Integral Recovery.
  10. This type of recovery encourages the user to work toward creating and nurturing a life that is worth living with passion and sobriety. Another variation of the holistic approach, this method offers specific strategies and ways for the user to call upon their own inner strength to achieve goals.