Alcoholism: the Disease and Beyond  

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The medical community considers alcoholism a disease. There are identifying conditions that indicate alcoholism as opposed to being a “problem drinker.” Problem drinkers only drink too much “at times,” which often does create problems in your life, but you are not totally dependent.

Alcoholism, the Disease

A person suffering from the disease of alcoholism, according to the Mayo Clinic, must have certain identifiable parameters:

  • unable to control drinking amounts and behaviors
  • spends time thinking about drinking alcohol when not actively drinking
  • even when drinking is causing problems- unable to stop drinking
  • must drink more to get the same effect, (increased tolerance level)
  • suffers from withdrawal symptoms when rapidly decreases drinking or stopping

People sometimes realize they have a few of these symptoms and it means something. It is not easy to actually say, “hey I’m an alcoholic,” or “I’m a drug addict,” but if you recognize the symptoms on the list as part of what is happening in your life, it means something significant. Making a decision to get some help is also a big step. If you have tried to stop drinking or taking your drug of choice, or even tried cut down on smoking pot, you must be thinking you need to cut down. Right? What matters at this point is that you know it is time to get some help because you are not able to do it on your own.

A Step at a Time 

The first step is finding a great rehabilitation program with a medical program that will help you through detoxification. You might still have symptoms and feel sick during withdrawal, but the medical professionals will help you with medicine and what to make sure you are all right all the way through. There are some exceptional programs that can help you with alcohol or substance abuse, even multi substance abuse. 

It’s Like a Family Group

The people at drug treatment centers respect your individuality and will work with you to accomplish your goals in the program after detox. The medical staff is experienced in the process of detoxification. They will be there to supervise your treatment during your withdrawal to make sure your body safely rids itself of the toxins making you sick. There is less discomfort than methods of days gone by; the medical team will help to keep you comfortable as possible.

Once you have been cared for in the detox program, you will be feeling better than you have in a very long time. You’ll start to notice the comfortable surroundings and the delicious food. Your sense of taste and smell will be more intense so you will start to enjoy the fresh air. You will meet the counseling staff, some of the nicest, most caring people you will ever meet. They will introduce you to our 5-phase, step-down program. This staff believes that everyone deserves to regain their health and well-being. You will learn the truth about substance abuse, understand how to prevent a relapse, develop emotional stability, think a lot about spirituality, develop healthy behaviors, and learn to use coping skills in stressful situations. 

The more you work on your goals within the program, the better you will master the five steps toward a successful new quality of living. 


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