We live in a post-modern, secular humanist society that has largely turned its back on spiritual needs and religious beliefs. Many point to this lack of recognition of the spiritual aspects of human nature as a major cause of the ills and evils that plague our world. New scientific disciplines and technologies have rushed in to try to fill the void. When it comes to substance abuse and addiction, certainly modern medical and psychological treatments have their place and have been proven to be effective. Yet the most successful addiction recovery program in history is Christian based recovery. Literally millions of people in the last 2,000 years have been rescued from the deepest depths of addiction and despair by their Christian faith. Even atheists have to acknowledge that it simply works.

Accepting a Higher Power In Your Life

A belief in and acceptance of a power higher than oneself has been the foundational principle of many recovery philosophies. The most well known of these is the 12 step approach of Alcoholics Anonymous. Although the focus of the group is alcohol abuse, only the first step mentions alcohol. The 12 step process has been proven to be effective for any type of addiction, indeed any negative influence in one’s life. Although the group stresses that the higher power a person acknowledges is personal and subjective and doesn’t have to be God, nevertheless, for most people this means a Christian based recovery plan.

For a person who has been struggling with substance abuse, realizing that they’re fighting a losing battle that they can never win by themselves, that they need the help and strength of someone outside of themselves to overcome their addiction, is the first step to recovery. Many find this strength in a relationship with Jesus Christ. It allows one to share the burden, to cultivate hope and faith. It also teaches forgiveness, of oneself and of others. This is of utmost importance to the process of healing.

Practical Lessons From Christian Based Recovery

The Christian Bible has many practical lessons to teach on how to live a good life free of the many harmful fixations the world tempts people with. It also contains stories of people just like you that have overcome the most dire and hopeless situations with their faith in Christ.

Accepting Christ brings with it the gift of what’s called the Holy Spirit. This is a real power that any Christian can tell you changes lives overnight. It’s like opening your eyes for the first time, and seeing the world and your life from a whole new perspective. It gives you the strength of conviction.

A Partnership of Science and Faith

Christian based recovery may deal with faith, but it doesn’t eschew the methods of modern medicine. Instead it complements conventional treatment, making it more effective and meaningful.

Christian faith can sustain a life in recovery. It perfectly supports the four dimensions of the recovered life as put forth by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, health, home, purpose, and community. Christianity embraces and enhances all four.


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