Lady GagaMany youth and young adults go absolutely goo-goo for Lady Gaga, and for good reason. Among her most notable talents as a performer, she has become role model to many young people around the globe. But ask her about this responsibility, she just might tell you she was not always optimistic about her foot steps being ones to follow. This, in part, due to her admitted drug use.

The Wake-up Call

“I was very depressed when I was 19 … I would go back to my apartment and just sit there. It was quiet and lonely. It was still. It was just my piano and myself. I left my television on all the time just to feel like somebody was hanging out with me.”

Gaga, whose birth name is Stefani Germanotta, continues to say after kicking her cocaine addiction, that the drug had become her best friend. Gaga says she never used it with others, only alone. She felt that it filled a terrible void. But drugs users believe many lies when using, among them are:

  1. Drugs make you outgoing. TRUTH: There is nothing outgoing about drugs. Much like Lady Gaga, drugs isolates you from family and friends. Drugs themselves become your reason for living.
  2. Drug use is cool. TRUTH: Drugs are not sexy or cool. Having to rely on illegal substances to function daily only drives you deeper into substance abuse.
  3. Drugs take all your problems away. TRUTH: Turning to drugs only masks the problem. Once sober, you realize your problems are still there.
  4. Drugs help you perform better. TRUTH: Drugs alter your judgment, perception, and reflexes and prevents you from performing at your best.
  5. You can stop any time you want. TRUTH: To be successful in your recovery, you need the help of professionals who will help set you on your successful road to recovery.

Get Help Today

The Right Time to Get Help is now. As with Lady Gaga, your first step is to make a decision to regain control of your life. Second, admit to a family member, friend, or professional about your addiction. This will start you on your journey back to healthy. No matter how difficult, you owe it to yourself to get better. Seeking professional help and surrounding yourself with others on the same path will provide you the added strength to succeed.