The War on Prescription Drugs Continues

prescription drugs
The abuse of Prescription drugs is a national epidemic, growing constantly. According to National Public Radio (NPR), the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and local law enforcement agencies in the New England States took action.

These agencies sponsored the first prescription drug take-back program in the U.S., collecting tons of expired and unused medicine.

Stunning Statistics on Prescription Drugs

In the last decade there has been a 400 percent increase in treatment admissions for prescription drug addiction. Officials admit that they have limited resources fighting prescription drug abuse, which makes it tough when battling such a far-reaching problem.

DEA officials admit that the take-back program is not a “cure-all” but at lease it gets prescription drugs out of the medicine cabinet and into incinerators. The officials also claim that the prescription drug take-back program does have measurable results, which will positively impact the prescription drug addiction problem.

The “Take Back” Program Works

Blu By the Sea is one of the nation’s most successful prescription drug addiction treatment centers. Addressing the new take-back program, Debbie Ross, Blu By the Sea’s executive director exclaims, “The take-back program is a good first start in combating prescription drug addiction, but more needs to be done.

The program may prevent some young people from experimenting with a relative’s prescription drugs, but will do little to circumvent prescription drug addiction. People who suffer with prescription drug addiction might supplement their prescription drug use with drugs found in their relative’s cabinet, but normally that supply will only last a day or two.

Doctor Shopping is a Problem

The real problem lies in the opportunity for a prescription drug addict to “˜doctor shop’ and be able to fill multiple prescriptions from multiple doctors. Until that problem is properly addressed, prescription drug addiction will continue to be an epidemic in the U.S. Pill mills in many states, especially Florida, are also notorious for over prescribing painkillers and other drugs.

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