Demi LovatoWhen you hear the name Demi Lovato, good girl Disney star is likely the impression that first jumps to mind. However, like many child stars, Demi has had to handle the pressures of Hollywood to be perfect. These stars often feel like drugs and alcohol are the answers to the constant stressors in their lives. However, Demi was able to overcome her addiction and is now healthier than ever.

In interviews, Demi has been candid about the reasons behind her experimentation with drugs. Although only now 19, she became pretty much an overnight sensation as a teen with the hit “Camp Rock” films and “Sonny With a Chance” series. Her singing career also took off and her schedule became more and more hectic. After performing on stage in front of adoring fans, she would find herself depressed as she sat alone in her hotel room. She felt desperate to recapture that up feeling of being on stage. Although young, promoters would provide her with drugs and alcohol. They were meant to be incentives for her to return to their restaurants and clubs.

Demi explained how she believed the people giving her the drugs were her friends. She also explained how it felt like no one in Hollywood refused drugs and it was a quick and easy way to have fun.

The star can now look back on the experience for what it really was: people who were trying to take advantage of her celebrity. Demi has admitted to being so grateful that she didn’t overdose or die after taking drugs.

In November 2010, Demi dramatically exited filming of her show “Sonny With a Chance” to spend three months in a rehab facility. Besides drug use, Demi had other demons to face including bouts of bulimia, cutting and a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

The Mexican-American actress is healthier now than she’s ever been. She has a healthier attitude towards both food and what type of substances she chooses to put in her body. Her career has also bounced back since the stint in a rehabilitation facility. She’s been recording new music and was hired as the newest judge on the singing competition show “The X Factor.”