Jamie Lee Curtis has conquered her addictions. Read her story here. Jamie Lee Curtis is one of the most well-known female actresses for her roles in movies like True Lies and Freaky Friday.

Although the actress has not participated in major scandals and is not known for erratic behavior, she has overcome an addiction to prescription pain killers and heavy drinking.

Developing an Addiction

Jamie Lee Curtis was not an actress who originally began taking drugs for recreational purposes or to overcome a traumatic childhood. The actress actually developed an addiction to prescription pain killers on accident after getting a cosmetic surgery.

When the actress decided to undergo cosmetic surgery, she was facing problems with her self-confidence due to reaching middle age. She admitted that part of the problem was her low self-esteem because of the preference for youthful appearance in Hollywood.

Jamie Lee Curtis decided to receive cosmetic surgery to make her eyes look younger and was given prescription pain relievers to manage the pain after surgery.

Unfortunately, the actress became addicted to the emotional and physical relief the drugs provided. She began taking more pain killers to dull the feelings that were associated with low self-esteem and started drinking heavily to reduce feelings of loneliness.

Fighting the Addiction

The addiction to prescription pain killers began accidentally, but developed into a serious problem for Jamie Lee Curtis. When she began stealing pain killers from family members, the actress knew it was time to change. She ultimately gave up the drugs when she recognized some of the signs of addiction the impact it was having on her family and her worries about her daughter.

Giving up the drugs allowed the actress to start focusing on life again and she has become an inspiration to women around the world. After giving up the drugs, the actress has allowed her hair to grey naturally and began allowing herself to age gracefully. She showed that aging does not mean a woman is giving up beauty and taking extreme measures to maintain youth will ultimately result in a negative outcome.

Her story is an inspiration because she was able to recover and remain drug-free for several years. After overcoming her addiction, the actress has taken measures to help others in the same position by providing volunteer counseling services.

Although Jamie Lee Curtis became addicted to drugs on accident, the experience has made her appreciate her life. She has realized the dangers of addiction and is working to educate others to help them overcome their own battles.

Find the Strength to Get Help

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