Elton John’s fight against addiction is an inspiring story. Although he struggled with drug and alcohol abuse for years, the famous singer was able to overcome his personal demons and give up drugs and alcohol. He recognized that drugs were not giving him the lifestyle he wanted and walked away from the substances in the 1990s.

Years of Drug Abuse

The singer’s drug abuse started in 1974, when his manager brought cocaine into the recording studio. At the beginning of his addiction, the singer used the drugs to gain confidence and open up when he was around a crowd. Although the initial use of the drug was related to his ignorance, Elton John faced a struggle that lasted for years.

An overdose on drugs in 1975 did not stop the singer’s drug and alcohol abuse. He continued taking cocaine and drinking heavily throughout the 1980s. It was not until 1990 that the singer realized that he was withdrawing from life and became drug free.

Giving up the Drug

The inspiration to give up drugs and alcohol happened when the singer met a teenager named Ryan White. The teen contracted AIDS through a drug transfusion and died at an early age. After meeting the teen, Elton John realized that he was not helping others and had become lost in a fog of drug abuse.

Gaining the strength to give up drugs began with the realization that he was not even living. The singer was becoming isolated and had ignored the AIDS epidemic that broke out around him. After meeting the inspiring teenager, the singer decided to clean up his act and began working on living without drugs or alcohol.

In 1990, Elton John gave up drugs and dedicated his life to making a difference. He started the Elton John AIDS Foundation in 1992 and has raised more than $275 million to help fund research for a cure. Although the disease is not yet cured, the funds provided by the foundation is helping find new treatments that will ultimately improve the chances of finding a cure.

Elton John’s battle against cocaine and alcohol addiction is an inspiration to others in the same situation. The singer changed his life by turning away from drugs and finding ways to help others. While he admits that the battle is not easy, Elton John continues to live a drug-free lifestyle and provides support to other celebrities who are working on giving up an addiction.