Kelly OsbourneKelly Osbourne is an English celebrity in several areas including acting, singing, dancing and fashion design. Her parents are Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, with whom she starred on the reality TV series The Osbournes from 2002 and 2005. Kelly became addicted to painkillers at an early age and has had several stays in drug rehabilitation centers. The most recent stint in 2009 was the most successful, after which Kelly has continued her various careers.

Painkiller Addiction

Osbourne said in a 2009 interview that her first use of painkillers occurred when she was 13. She received liquid Vicodin for pain relief after her tonsils were removed. Osborne added that she had fun and people liked her when she took Vicodin. She also said that she came to rely on painkillers for her self-confidence. Her “accidental” addiction to painkillers began with a legitimate prescription from her doctor, which is a common start for this addiction.

Rehab Stints

Kelly’s first rehab stint occurred in April 2004 when she told her family about her addiction. She spent 30 days in Promises, a rehab center for celebrities in Malibu, California. She relapsed a year later and spent another month in rehab during June 2005 at Las Encinas Hospital, a rehab center in Pasadena, California.

Kelly relapsed again in January 2009, and entered rehab for the third time. People Magazine interviewed Kelly three weeks after completing this rehab stint, when she publicly discussed her addiction for the first time. She revealed that she had been addicted to painkillers since her early teens and that this was the first time she felt that rehab had been successful.

Kelly added that she was also using barbiturates to sleep and that she thought she would die from her drug use. She also said that rehab was giving her another chance at her career and that she wanted to be present for it.

Post-Rehab Career

One of Kelly’s first public appearances after her last rehab stint was on the dance competition Dancing with the Stars. Her partner was professional dancer Louis Van Amstel, and the couple placed third in August 2009.

Kelly temporarily replaced her mother on the talk show The Talk in 2011 while Sharon Osbourne was a judge on the talent competition America’s Got Talent. Kelly also became a fashion correspondent for the E! cable network, including a position as co-host on the TV series Fashion Police. Most recently, Kelly won the Ultimate Style Icon Award at the Cosmopolitan Awards in 2012. She also announced that she worked on a cover of “The Bitch Is Back” with rapper Lil Kim in September 2012.

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