We love getting letters from former clients updating us on what they’ve been up to. It’s an inspiration hearing about how their life has improved after finding sobriety. Below is a letter that was just sent to us from the father of one of our clients (click for full size):

inspiration letter


Hello Chris,

Just a short note to say Merry Christmas and to tell you that [redacted] is doing “very well” at this point!!

He is not on “any” meds at all since shortly after leaving your facility. His doctor gave him a couple over the counter type things to take only if he needed them. However he has not had to take anything since probably June 1st since he wound down on what you had given him to finish off when he left.

He has enrolled in the electricians school program at [redacted] University early this summer and is about half way thru their program to be a certified electrician. He is also considering getting his HVAC training thru them when he is done with the current program. As we discussed if he has the two “different” certifications he has double the chance to stay employed.

Again “THANK YOU” for getting our son back on track to being a productive person again.

Feel free to pass this note on as a recommendation for your facility to anyone contemplating going thru your program.


Joe C
Spring Hill Florida