Michael JacksonAlthough this best-selling hit by the king of pop, Michael Jackson may have been written for entertainment, within it lies a poignant message used to empower people like you facing drug addiction. Jackson blossomed into one of the greatest entertainers in the world. Every beat of Michael Jackson’s heart was as melodic as the music he made. Off stage, he dealt with a long-term addiction to prescription pain medication that ultimately contributed to his unfortunate end.

Drug addiction occurs for different reasons

You might be aware that Michael Jackson’s addiction reportedly happened as a result of a serious burn accident while shooting a commercial. Many believe it was the catalyst that set him on the path to his addiction. For you, it might be prescription or illegal drugs and your reasons might seem unique and different from anyone else’s. You might believe that your only option is to slip into a dark place and isolate yourself from the people that love you because they would not understand. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

How do I address my addiction?

Addiction is not something to keep to yourself. It should not be treated as a private matter or dealt with alone. The danger in doing so might cause you to abuse stronger alternatives once your body becomes immune to the drugs you use. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Identify the reason you use drugs. Are you dealing with a high-level of stress or anxiety?
  • Confront the addiction head on and avoid denial.
  • Find safer alternatives to deal with stress or anxiety.
  • Identify your triggers. Do you use at certain times of the day or week? Do you use drugs when confronted with difficult circumstances?
  • Decide that it’s time to make a change by reaching outside yourself for help.
  • Identify a trustworthy person to confide in. Be open to a drug treatment center that will help you facilitate your rehabilitation.
  • Commit to a drug treatment program that will help you jump start your new way of functioning without drugs.

We can Help

There are others like you who once sought help and are now enjoying life without drugs. Having a strong support system is vital to your success. Your support system is within arm’s reach. Don’t allow drug addiction to dictate your life’s happiness another day, take the first step today, and contact us at Blu By the Sea. We have the answers to your questions, and can put your concerns at ease.