Mindy-McCreadyA Life in the Spotlight

Trouble country singer Mindy McCready, who had became better known for her substance abuse and tabloid antics than her music, committed suicide last Sunday. McCready’s suicide came just weeks after her boyfriend David Wilson died from a gunshot wound. Police have not yet ruled whether Wilson’s death was a suicide, and speculation surrounding McCready’s involvement in the death may have pushed her over the edge.

Personal Problems

McCready, haunted by addiction and arrest, reportedly feared losing custody of her two young sons. Friends say a “perfect storm” of substance abuse and mental health problems contributed to her downward spiral following her boyfriend’s death.

Neighbors reported hearing two gunshots on Sunday. When police arrived at the house, they found that McCready had also killed her dog, who was lying next to her dead body. McCready is also the fifth Celebrity Rehab cast member to die in the last three years (read about Dr. Drew’s response to this death in this post).

Her Early Departure from Rehab Contributed to Death

Earlier in February, McCready was committed to rehab following an emergency court hearing. McCready’s father, Tim McCready, petitioned the court to send his daughter to rehab, saying that she was sleeping all day, abusing alcohol and prescription drugs at night, and unable to care for her two sons.

However, McCready only stayed at the rehab center for 18 hours before being allowed to return home. McCready’s ex-boyfriend and father of her eldest son, musician Billy McKnight, told reporters that McCready should never have been allowed to leave rehab so soon.

“She was in a terrible state of mind,” McKnight told the Associated Press. “She has two kids and her fiancé was just killed. There’s no way she should be out by herself in a lonely house with nothing but booze and pills. That was a really, really bad mistake, and the end result is tragic.” McCready, who admitted to abusing alcohol and prescription painkillers, had also tried to commit suicide in the past.

Intervene for Those Struggling with Drug Abuse and Mental Health:

McCready’s tragic death is a sad reminder about the importance of ensuring loved ones get the help they need for substance abuse and mental health problems:

  • If a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, an addiction treatment center can help.
  • Ignoring or enabling a loved one’s addiction only makes it worse — and may even lead to death.
  • Addiction specialists can also address mental health problems contributing to substance abuse.

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