Drew BarrymoreDrew Barrymore is one of the most beloved actresses of her generation. She started her acting career at a very young age, getting her first role in a commercial when she was only 11 months old. Although the young actress was beloved for her roles in movies, she became involved in drugs and alcohol. Her addictions began when she was young and the fight to overcome the challenges started during her teen years.

Early Addiction

When Drew Barrymore admitted that she was taking drugs and alcohol, it was a shock to the nation. The beloved star stated that she was smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol from the time she was only nine years old. After her experiments with alcohol, the young actress started trying marijuana at age 10 and began using cocaine at age 12.

Those early addictions to drugs and alcohol led the actress into rehabilitation programs. Although she was able to give up the substances for a short time, she ended up back in a rehab facility due to a lack of solid social support.

Causes of Addiction

In Drew Barrymore’s addiction, the causes of the problem were straightforward. The young actress faced a stressful life on screen and had a long family history of addiction. Drew Barrymore’s father was also absent during her early childhood, which resulted in limited parental guidance from an early age.

Due to the genetic predisposition, the availability of drugs and the stressful environment, the young actress had a high risk of substance abuse from an early age.

Fighting the Addiction

Fighting her addictions to cocaine, marijuana and alcohol started when Drew Barrymore was only 13 years old. She went into a rehab facility at that early age and came out sober. Unfortunately, she relapsed and attempted to commit suicide at age 14, when she was readmitted into a rehab program to get through her difficulties.

After her stay in rehab, the actress began living with David Crosby and his wife. She stayed with the couple for three months to focus on her sobriety and was able to overcome her addiction with the help and support of the singer and his family.

Drew Barrymore faced challenges in her life that lead to her drug abuse, but ultimately was able to overcome the addictions with the help of supportive friends. Her commitment to living a drug-free lifestyle is an inspiration. She has shown that with a little help and commitment, you can overcome substance abuse.