Our Drug Rehab Story

After 4 unsuccessful attempts at drug rehab for their son, a Florida couple discovered Blu By the Sea. This drug rehabilitation method worked. After achieving their own success with their son, the couple went a step further and opened their own addiction treatment on the Blu By the Sea of Florida.

The Blu By the Sea program gave Randy and Debbie Ross, the founders of Blu By the Sea, their son back. Seeing the tremendous results of the program in handling drug addiction first hand, they opened their own drug rehab facility turning their own home in Florida into a beach front drug rehabilitation facility.

How We Did It

In converting their home to a drug rehab, the Ross’ raised the bar in drug rehab facility standards. The couple created a friendly, clean and aesthetic atmosphere with healthy, delicious, meals prepared fresh daily. Each room even has its own bathroom, TV and DVD player.

The real gem of Blu By the Sea is their program. This is not a 12 Step drug rehab program. It is a program unique to itself that is tried and proven with over 44 years of effectiveness. Blu By the Sea gets users off drugs and gives them the skills to stay off drugs. In fact, Blu By the Sea client not only know how to communicate, but live clean ethical lives that help others and contribute back to their families and communities.

Take a Facility Tour

Our program provides drug addiction help beginning with withdrawing the addict from current drug use, handling the physical nutritional deficiencies created from drug use and removing drug residuals from their bodies. The program also has steps which help students regain control and come to a point where they can take responsibility, not only for themselves, but others as well.

What Students Have to Say…

At Blu By the Sea they specialize in a direct hands-on approach. True one-on-one individual attention is given as their staff to student ratio is almost 1.5 staff to every student. The results of Blu By the Sea’s application of the material are remarkable. As one student states,”Today I have no words to really explains the difference in my life. This program has taught me how to live again. Blu By the Sea has restored my faith in myself and gave me a peace and stability that before I could only dream of”

Blu By the Sea offers not only the most effective drug rehabilitation program but also a peaceful beach environment to start a new beginning of a drug-free life. Simply stated by one addict, “Blu By the Sea made me whole again. How do you thank someone for saving your life?”