When you or a loved one is considering a rehab program to recover from substance abuse, the cost of treatment may make it hard to finalize the decision. You may worry about paying for the treatment or you may have limited funds available. Although it can seem difficult to afford at first, solutions are available to help afford drug rehab.

Ask About an Installment Plan

Treatment facilities do not always require that you pay the full amount of your treatment in advance. Some programs will allow you to pay for treatment in installments so that you can afford to enter the program and start working on your recovery.

Before you assume that it is impossible to pay for the treatment program, contact the facility and ask if there is a payment plan available. Depending on the facility, you or your loved one may be able to pay in installments based on your income level.

For example, if you have a low monthly income, then you may have a lower monthly payment. A higher income may result in a slightly higher monthly payment.

An installment plan may or may not be available, depending on the treatment facility. Some treatment programs will allow you to make monthly payments for a certain period of time, but may only make payment plans available if you have a low income level.

Ask About Insurance

Insurance-for-Treatment-300x199If you or your loved one has health insurance, then you may be able to reduce the out-of-pocket costs by using your insurance to pay for the treatment. Some insurance policies will pay for rehab treatment for a certain period of time, such as 30 days, while others may pay a percentage of the treatment.

Before you assume that your health insurance or your loved one’s insurance coverage will pay for rehab treatment, contact the treatment facility and ask if they take your insurance. Find out what insurance is accepted and what is not before making any decisions.

You may need to contact your insurance provider to find out if there are any clauses or exceptions that may prevent you from entering a specific program. For example, your insurance may pay for treatment in your state, but may not pay for out-of-state treatment.

Find out if there are any clauses that would prevent payment or limit the amount that is available.

Ask About a Sliding Scale

A sliding scale means that the treatment facility is willing to adjust the amount that you pay for treatment based on your current income level. Talk to a representative at the treatment facility and ask if a sliding scale is available.

If there is a sliding scale, then ask for an estimate based on your current income level or the income level of your loved one. The representative of the facility will need to know the income level to give an accurate estimate of the cost based on the facility’s sliding scale system.

In many cases, a sliding scale will make your treatment or the treatment of a loved one easier to afford.

Although it may seem that drug rehab is expensive, you may have solutions that make treatment affordable. Depending on the facility and the program, it may be possible to apply an installment plan or a sliding scale to reduce the overall expense. Your insurance or the insurance of your loved one may also help bring down the cost.