So Many Prescription Pain Medication Deaths

In 2007, drug abuse overdoses killed more people in Wyoming County, West Virginia than car accidents, homicides and suicides combined according to Scott Finn of West Virginia Public Broadcast. In 2005 the number of accidental drug abuse overdoses in the United States doubled to more than 22,000. Reports claim that prescription pain medication is to blame.

The New Strategy

As a result the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking action. According to Judy Leon an FDA spokesperson, “These drugs (prescription pain medication) will be required to have a risk evaluation and mitigation strategy, what we call REM, to insure that the benefit of the drugs continue to outweigh the risks.” What the new REM plan could require is for patients to take part in drug testing and also that doctors do pill counts where patients must bring in any unused pain medication. The REM plan could also limit doctors who can prescribe certain pain medication.

A Common Trend

“We see more and more people entering our drug rehabilitation center suffering from problems with prescription pain medication,” according to Deborah Ross Executive Director of Blu By the Sea. “It is great that the FDA is looking into ways to help slow the abuse of prescription pain medication; however, people with drug abuse problems are needlessly dying and need help now.”

Blu By the Sea Can Help

Blu By the Sea is nestled on the beach in Destin, Florida. The facility is an exclusive center that is neat, clean, and comfortable. With a staff/student ratio of 1.4 staff for every student, those who attend the program receive true one-on-one care, support and attention.

Our program is designed to free individuals from the cravings for the drug while teaching them how to live a happy drug-free life. At Blu By the Sea, our 90% success rate means that there is hope and an immediate solution for you or your loved one’s substance abuse problem. Contact us today to start the recovery process.