The Battle with Addiction in Florida

The battle against addiction is hard, but overcoming drug or alcohol abuse can result in strength and a hard-working dedication to employers who offer a second chance. The problem many ex-addicts face is finding a job in many areas of Florida. Employers worry about the history of drug abuse and the potential problems that might come with ex-addict employees. While some employers are unwilling to offer work, others are opening their doors to welcome those who have fought addiction.

Business Woman with a Big Heart

A business woman in Fort Myers, Florida is willing to offer jobs to ex-addicts. Gwendolyn Howard, the owner of Gwendolyn’s Cafe©, faced her own battle with addiction and opened her cafe© after more than two years of being sober. Due to her own battle against addiction, Gwendolyn Howard understood the challenges ex-addicts face and offers a second chance to those who are recovering and continuing to fight substance abuse. She offers a job and trust that helps keep her employees on track against their battle.

The business woman not only opens her doors for employment, she also provides 12-step meetings at her place of business and helps get the community involved in recovery by providing awareness events. Her big heart is leading to a better chance to avoid relapsing by offering badly needed employment to ex-addicts.

Challenges of Finding Work After an Addiction

While Florida has helpful programs that make it easier to overcome addiction, finding work after completing the program and working on a life without drugs is challenging. Addiction leads to a spotty work history, poor references and difficulty accomplishing tasks at work.

Fighting addiction will make it possible to perform tasks, but the history of drug abuse can cause potential employers to feel uncomfortable with the individual. The risk of a relapse is another factor that employers often consider before hiring, which might result in a denial.

The Temptation to Use Drugs

When work is not available, the temptation to turn to drugs or alcohol is increased. It makes it harder to continue the battle because it is hard to pay for living expenses and other necessities. In some cases, work is necessary during treatment, which is even more challenging to obtain.

Improving Job Opportunities

While Florida has limited opportunities for ex-addicts, more jobs are becoming available due to state programs and increasing awareness of the problem. Employers are willing to offer ex-addicts a job, particularly if they are continuing treatment in an aftercare program.
A problem that has led to poor employment options for ex-addicts relates to insurance coverage. Insurance providers will not provide employers coverage for items stolen or damaged by ex-addicts because the risk was known before hiring the individual. While insurance does not cover the problem, Florida does have a solution that is opening more doors of opportunity for ex-addicts to find jobs.

How it Works…

The Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation offers bonds to employers who hire ex-addicts. The bonds will cover damages, thefts and other problems that might occur if an employee relapses. It provides the peace of mind an employer needs to hire ex-addicts and offer the opportunity for a second chance.
The increased awareness of programs, treatments and the successful recovery is also leading to better job options. Employers are offering a second chance that helps reduce the risk of a relapse.

Blu By the Sea can Help Now

Fighting addiction is a challenge that requires professional help and excellent aftercare services. After overcoming addiction, ex-addicts can find work in Florida. Some employers are willing to offer a second chance, which provides the opportunity to live a normal life without drugs or alcohol. If you or a loved one is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction contact Blu By the Sea today. We are a team of addiction treatment specialists that have the needed experience and training in this field to help turn the tables on addiction. Don’t wait, call today.