Another Story of Addiction in Hollywood

Nothing gets entertainment buffs stirred up like a sensationalized story about celebrity drug addicts, particularly those who struggle year after year of unsuccessful bouts in rehabilitation. Apparently, Wendy William’s prior cocaine and crack addiction barely rated a blip on the paparazzo’s newsworthiness radar, perhaps due to her long-term sobriety thanks to the effectiveness of her own personal version of outpatient rehab, her commitment to being drug-free, and the love of her life.

Complacency Only Fuels Addiction

Beginning what was to become a successful and lucrative media career in radio and television, Wendy Williams is certain that her larger-than-life personality allowed her to mask an increasing cocaine addiction, which began in college in the 80s. Although drugs were a part of her daily life, those who knew and worked with her were either complacent or had no sense of urgency to help her deal with the problem. The nature of cocaine addiction and her celebrity status job make happy bedfellows, and no one felt inclined to intervene.

The Turning Point for Wendy Williams

Now almost 20 years sober, Wendy Williams is on top of the world (and the Nielsen Ratings) thanks to meeting her would-be husband Kevin Hunter who ignited her passion and intelligence into the right direction. Her fast-paced lifestyle faltered soon after their romance began. She knew that continuing her career trajectory and fostering a relationship with hunter while suffering from crack and cocaine addiction was unrealistic, so the saucy media talent began her journey to kick her drug habit and embrace life.

Wendy Williams Fesses Up to Drug Addiction

Fueled by Whitney Houston’s final drug rehab stint prior to her death, Williams couldn’t hold her tongue – or her emotions back while taping her self-titled talk show. Calling Whitney out and pleading for her to “clean it up,” Williams offered a heart wrenching explanation through her tears, sharing her struggles and owning up to her mistakes in an effort to save others the same suffering.

As you know, Houston’s struggle proved futile, and that’s when Williams became even more passionate about sharing with viewers her long-standing battle with drugs. She makes it clear that she could not have succeeded without entering a drug rehabilitation treatment center had it not been for the backing of loved ones and her strong desire to succeed.