Just a few short decades ago, heroin addicts were simply having to find way to “kick the habit” on their own. Statistics have shown that heroin addicts rarely, if ever, are able to detox or recover on their own. Many heroin addicts have even died in the process thinking that they could “do it on their own”. Don’t let this happen to you or your loved one. Help them find the heroin treatment rehab they need.

At Altus Treatment Services, we have developed multiple strategies for heroin treatment rehab and safe heroin detox. Our staff of top-tier clinicians will work with you and your loved ones to ensure that the heroin detox is done safely with care and understanding. Since no two cases of addiction are exactly the same, Altus has developed multiple pathways for treatment and care. We have a wide variety of options.

A substance abuse residential treatment is a live-in facility where you will be monitored 24/7 to ensure your safety and effective treatment of your most acute symptoms and struggles. Residential treatment is considered to be the most effective and successful treatment for alcohol and drug dependence. Individualized treatment plans are created during the time you spend in residential. There are countless benefits of being in a well-organized and structured program that greatly assist in the recovery process. By living in our state-licensed houses you have around-the-clock access to support staff and addiction professionals. You will be seen by your therapist and participate in group discussions while in a home-like setting.

Clients are introduced to community support groups and other individuals who are also in their first stages of recovery. All amenities and food will be provided so that you may focus solely on sobriety. Residential treatment will provide all necessary arrangements and coping skills to make a successful transition into your next phase of recovery. Intensive outpatient treatment programs are designed to assist clients with building recovery-based life skills. For 3 hours a day, clients will focus on applying coping skills to everyday life stressors that have contributed to ongoing substance abuse and maladaptive behavioral patterns. Through different therapeutic modalities, you will discover how to change your behaviors and circumstances in order to best support your sobriety goals. We focus on overcoming triggers and setting up an action plan for daily life.

By participating in our IOP program, you greatly increase your ability to remain sober. If you’re struggling with mental health and addiction, we develop a personalized treatment program that focuses on these matters. The partial hospitalization program is where you can receive individualized substance abuse treatment in a short period of time.

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